Community Actions: Facebook Launches New Petition Feature


TechCrunch recently reported that Facebook will be launching a new news feed petition feature called community actions. The community actions feature will allow users to post and sign online petitions right in their news feeds.

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About the Community Actions Feature

The community actions feature is a petition feature whose aim is to unite users to request for change from their local and national elected officials and government agencies. The community actions feature will allow users to titles, descriptions and images. Users can also tag the relevant government agencies and officials. Users who use this feature can use the feature to make their petitions go viral while also getting people to support the cause.

Each community action will have its own discussion feed, users can leave comments, create fundraisers and organize Facebook Events. It will also show the number of supporters behind the petition but a user can only see the names of friends, pages and public figures who support the cause. According to Tech Crunch, Facebook will be trying to narrowly concentrate this petition feature to spurring government actions rather than random causes.

Facebook Speaks on the New Petition Feature

Facebook has started rolling out this feature in the USA. They have been testing this feature for several weeks in other markets. The feature has already been used, it was used for a moratorium on drilling in Colorado. They have also used it to improve pedestrian safety near a library in Philadelphia. According to a Facebook rep, the community action feature is part of a move for the social network to build informed and civically engaged communities. The rep also stated the feature is an opportunity for people to advocate for changes in their communities. They can also partner with elected officials and government agencies on solutions. According to Facebook, people have already used this tool to marshal support for causes. These same people have also gotten results on issues that they are passionate about.

Apart from the petition like feature, Facebook is launching other civic-minded features. Such features include its Town Hall feature, The Candidate Info feature which can be used for assessing politicians. Facebook is also launching a Community Help feature, it can be used to find assistance after a disaster.


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