Colgate Partners with YouTube Star Ryan of Ryan’s World to Release a Children’s Line


Colgate recently announced that it will be partnering with top YouTube star Ryan of Ryan’s World and entertainment studio Ryan Kaji of Ryan’s World is an eight-year-old boy who took YouTube by storm with his enthusiastic Toys Review videos. He’s one of the top YouTube stars with his videos getting over a million views. They partnered up to release a new kid’s oral care line. The partnership saw Ryan of Ryan’s world designing the oral care line with Colgate.

Colgate Partners with YouTube Star Ryan of Ryan’s World to Release a Children’s Line

About Ryan’s Kids Oral Care Line with Colgate

To promote his new kid’s care line with the brand that he designed, Ryan released a new video on his YouTube channel. The video features the YouTube star’s visit to Colgate’s technology facility in New Jersey. In the video, we see him learn how each of his oral care products is made and how he helped to design his own product line. Ryan played a big role in the making of the kid’s oral care line. Everything from the flavours, packaging and colours were hand-selected by Ryan to create this fun new product line for kids.

Ryan’s new oral care line features a powered toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash with additional products launching later this year. The mouthwash and toothpaste will come in Ryan’s Bubble Fruit flavour.

Colgate and Pocket. Watch Speak on the Partnership

Bill Van de Graaf, the vice president of marketing in North America of the brand spoke about the partnership with Ryan. He expressed the brand’s excitement to be welcoming Ryan into their family. He stated that Ryan’s ability to make a strong connection with other kids his age is very inspiring. Van de Graaf stated that the brand hope’s that Ryan and his new line will encourage kids to get excited about their brushing routine. He stated that the brand seeks to bring the excitement of playtime to Kids Oral Care through products created by Ryan, a friend they trust.

Kerry Tucker, chief marketing officer, also spoke about the partnership. He expressed their pride to be collaborating with Colgate to help get kids excited about their oral care. Tucker explained that the partnership allows them to continue to fulfil their mission. The mission of bringing kids and families more of what they love. He stated that not only does the new line help kids fight cavities and keep their teeth strong, but fans of Ryan’s World are also going to love the unique details Ryan put into each of the products


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