Coca Cola’s ‘Equal Love’ Ads Spark Fury in Hungary


Coca Cola recently launched a campaign called ‘Equal Love’ in Hungary. The Coca Cola campaign involved the release of billboard ads around the country. The billboard ads, depict heterosexual and same-sex couples. They feature pictures of these couples with a hashtag #loveislove. Coca Cola’s billboard ads have sparked a lot of fury in Hungary. The campaign has been greeted with a lot of scorn and hatred especially from the government.

About Coca Cola’s ‘Equal Love’ Campaign

The ‘Equal Love’ campaign in Hungary was timed with the popular Sziget Festival. The Sziget Festival is a week-long music event. This year’s theme for the festival is “Love Revolution”. With this campaign, the cola brand is trying to touch on a theme which conservative governments in the east of the European Union have increasingly been focused on.

Hungarian Government React to Coca Cola’s ‘Equal Love Campaign’

The Hungarian government aren’t happy with the campaign, they have all condemned the campaign. News websites which are close to the ruling Fidesz party have condemned the campaign. Some of these news websites include PestiSracok and They have all attacked the campaign saying that it promotes same-sex love over heterosexuality.

Fidesz lawmaker Istvan Boldog has called for a boycott of the brand’s products in a Facebook post. Anti-abortion groups are also against the billboards. They have gathered about 25,000 signatures for its online petition to remove the billboards.

Coca Cola Responds to Backlash

The brand has responded to all the backlash it is facing in Hungary. The cola brand has stated that it won’t be backing down and that it won’t take down the billboard. They cited it’s brand’s values which promote equality and diversity. They stated in an email statement, that their billboards “do indeed try to convey a message.” The brand stated that they believe that everyone has a right to love and that the feeling of love is the same for all.


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