Coca Cola Showcases Bottle Made with Recycled Sea Plastic


Coca Cola recently announced that it has successfully produced plastic bottles which were made from waste in the ocean. They have produced sample PET bottles from discarded plastics obtained from the oceans.

Coca Cola Showcases Bottle Made with Recycled Sea Plastic

Coca Cola Produces PET Bottles from Discarded Plastics Obtained from the Oceans.

According to the soda company, they created 300 PET bottles from 25% of recycled plastic collected from beaches in Spain, Portugal and the Mediterranean. To do this, Coca Cola partnered with Ioniqa Technologie. They are a clean-teach spinoff from the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands, Indorama Ventures and Mares Circulares (Circular Seas).

Coca Cola and its team’s recovered plastics waste from the ocean. They then put these plastics under a process called ‘enhanced recycling’. This process enables lower-grade plastic to be stripped of impurities and brought back to ‘virgin grade’ so it can once again be used for food and drink packaging.

They only created a small quantity of 300 bottles but they plan to introduce it at commercial scale. They will be using waste streams from existing recyclers, including plastics that were previously unrecyclable and lower-quality recyclables. Coca Cola plans to begin introducing the bottles in its packaging starting from 2020.

Coca Cola Speaks about the Bottles

According to the soda brand, their new creation means that lower-grade plastics that were often destined for incineration or landfill can now be given a new life. They stated that it also means more materials are available to make recycled content. This will reduce the amount of virgin PET needed from fossil fuels, and resulting in a lower carbon footprint.

Tim Brett the president of the brand’s Western Europe companies spoke about the bottles. He talked about how too many of the world’s finite resources are currently discarded as waste. Brett mentioned that the brand is aware that they need to do more to correct this. There is a valuable role for packaging, but it must always be collected, recycled and reused. According to him, the brand’s aim is to see the term “single-use plastic” become redundant. They want to do this both in our their business and beyond.


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