Coca-Cola Reclaims Title as Most Effective Brand Marketer in Effie Index


The Effie Index was recently published for 2019 and Coca-Cola has reclaimed its spot as the most effective brand marketer. Coca Cola returned to the top of Effie’s Most Effective Brand rankings after they were dethroned last year. Last year the cola brand took second place on the ranking list.

Coca-Cola Reclaims Title as Most Effective Brand Marketer in Effie Index

About Effie Index

The Effie Index identifies and ranks the marketing communications industry’s most effective agencies, marketers and brands. They do this by analyzing finalist and winner data from 45+ worldwide Effie Award competitions. It was originally launched in June 2011, the ranking system is used to reveal the most effective agencies, marketers and brands globally, regionally, in specific countries, or even in different product categories. It provides an insightful glimpse into who is actually delivering ideas that work across the globe.

For 2019 Effie Index, they compiled the list based on the cumulative results from 46 national, regional and multi-national Effie Awards competitions in 2018. Juries of industry experts evaluated and judged case studies based on how the creative ideas addressed challenges and objectives. The analysis and the results led to the listing. The ranking list is unlike other programs like Cannes Lions because it recognizes advertising solely based on creativity. They reward campaigns that drive core metrics like purchase intent and sales.

Coca-Cola Reclaims Title as Most Effective Brand Marketer in Effie Index

This is not the first time Coca Cola would be at the top of this list. Since 2011, the cola brand has been at the top of the list a total of five times. For the 2019 Effie Index, they topped the list based on the strength of more than 60 winning campaigns from around the world. McDonald’s and KFC came in second on the list.

Coca-Cola Speaks on Topping the Effie Index

The Rodolfo Echeverria the VP of Global Creative at Coca-Cola Company spoke about topping the list. He stated that the Effies rewards advertising that effectively straddles the worlds of business and creativity. Echeverria also stated that the Index also links what’s relevant to the consumer with what’s uniquely relevant to the brand. He explained that the brand strives to create campaigns that balance art and science and ultimately build their brands and business.


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