Coca-Cola Pledges $38m Towards Recycling Initiatives in Africa


Coca-Cola Africa recently announced that they will be investing $ 38 million towards recycling initiatives in Africa. Coca-Cola would be investing the $38 million over 3 years to help stimulate the recycling industries in Africa. They would be focusing on Southern and Eastern Africa.

Coca-Cola Pledges $38m Towards Recycling Initiatives in Africa
Coca-Cola Pledges $38m Towards Recycling Initiatives in Africa

Why did Coca-Cola Pledge $38 towards Recycling?

Coca-Cola made this announcement during the Global Citizen l Mandela 100 Festival.  The announcement on recycling is part of the beverage brands global vision to have a world without waste. Their brand is very committed to preserving the environment and reducing the effects of plastic pollution. They are very aware of the harm plastic does to the environment and have a strategy called the World Without Waste. Part of the strategy is to ensure that for every bottle or can they sell globally, they recycle another one. They plan to take a bottle back for every bottle they sell to ensure each bottle has more than one life. Coca-Cola plans to make all principal packaging 100% recyclable and create packaging that is made from at least 50% recycled material by 2030.

Their decision to invest in Africa’s recycling industries fall in line with their 2030 World Without Waste strategy. Coca-Cola believes that the recycling initiative will create more than 19,000 income opportunities for many women in Africa. During the launch, Coca-Cola also announced a new 500ml Bonaqua PET bottle. The bottle will be made from 100% recycled PET and the bottles will be available from March 29.

Global Citizen Mandela 100  Festival: A Waste Free Festival

Coca-cola made the announcement of their investment to the recycling industry at the Global Citizen Mandela 100 Festival. The beverage company decided to start the recycling initiative right there in the Festival. They encouraged attendees to embrace a waste-free Global Citizen Mandela 100 festival and it was led by the Bonaqua Brand. Attendees at the festival were encouraged to collect, drop their plastic bottles and cups at designated zones. They were given the option to swop them for other recycled items like wallets made from recycled materials, bamboo straw, wooden sunglasses and cardboard speakers. Over 150,000 plastic cups and bottles were collected at the festival and they plan to use them to make new   Bonaqua bottles that will be on the shelves in March 2019.  Their recycling initiative didn’t stop at the concert. Coca-Cola also led more than 14 waste cleanups across South Africa.


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