Coca Cola Dolls Return for Chinese New Year Campaign


Coca-Cola China is back again with its annual Chinese New Year campaign. As usual, the brand featured their iconic Coca Cola Dolls to help spread the message of family love. This year the Coca Cola dolls are spreading the message that prosperity starts will family love. The 2019 Chinese New Year campaign was created by McCann Shanghai.

Coca Cola Dolls Return for Chinese New Year Campaign

About the Coca Cola Chinese 2019 New Year Campaign with the Coca Cola Dolls

The Chinese 2019 New Year campaign will run across different media platforms which include TV, packaging print, outdoor, digital and point of sale. The campaign will feature the Coca Cola dolls acting out gestures of family love. The gestures include the Coca Cola doll putting their hands together to form a heart shape. In the TV ad, the spot focused on the Coca Cola dolls causing mischief at a reunion dinner table.

Coca Cola Dolls Return for Chinese New Year Campaign

The Chinese New Year campaign officially launched back in January. The beverage brand lighted up the buildings on the coast of Qingdao.  The images of the Coca Cola Dolls were cast on top of 53 buildings, using the building’s lighting set up. According to the brands Head of Content Creative and Design Richard Cotton, the brand will be building on previous success. He stated that this year’s Chinese New Year campaign will still retain its magical place by being rooted in tradition.

Coca Cola Partners with Alipay for Chinese New Year Campaign

Coca Cola is partnering with Alipay for this year’s Chinese New Year campaign. They will be giving away millions of seasonal red packets with the symbols of love. The red packet will contain the Coca Cola dolls, people can send these red packets to loved ones. Alipay came on board with a mini-movie in the partnership. The movie is titled the “story of a Boy and his search for Fu. The story of a boy and his search doe Fu is a fairy tale which is based modern day. It tells the story of a boy in search of tee five symbols of Good Fortune. The symbols of good fortune are Dragon for Prosperity, Red Knot for Happiness, Gold Fish for Harmony, Turtle for Longevity and Phoenix for Wisdom.

The story drives the message that although everyone desires and seeks out good fortune for the Chinese New Year by putting up all the good luck symbols. The symbols are just symbols, they want to remind people that true good fortune is having your loved ones by your side.


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