Coca Cola and Marvel Team Up to Turn Teen to Avenger in Latest Ad


Coca Cola Brazil and Marvel teamed up to release an ad. The latest spot which is for Coca Cola No Sugar and Avengers End game was created with the creative agency J Walter Thompson Brazil. The spot was inspired by Avengers Endgame and we see the protagonist turn into her own superhero.

Coca Cola and Marvel Team Up to Turn Teen to Avenger in Latest Ad

About Coca Cola Brazil’s and Marvel Latest Avenger Inspired Spot

The spot starts with a girl running with her Avengers Endgame movie ticket in hand. She is running to catch a bus that’s quickly driving away as her friends urge her to catch up. The girl then downs a Coca Cola No Sugar, the drink transforms her into a superhero. She is able to dart through her school’s hallway, jump over a fence, and pinball through a crowded marketplace. The girl is able to avoid fire from a food vendor.

She is also able to dodge water balloons from a gang of girls as she runs to catch the boss. She finally gets the bus to stop and then the driver says “Mission accomplished.” Throughout the events that lead to the girl catching the bus, we see the girl channel different Avenger characters. From Thor, when she picks up a Thor-like axe, to Captain American when she turns a trashcan cover to a shield as she dodges the water balloons.

The spot was directed by Rodrigo Saavedra, the technical crew for the ad included two Oscar winners. To shoot the spot, Coca Cola and Marvel involved 300 professionals in productions. To give the feeling of a cosmopolitan space that could be localized in markets all over the world, the adventurous ad was filmed in Mexico City. The ad will air in 57 countries and it will air without any adaptation for regional markets.

Video of Coca Cola The Chase



Coca Cola and J Walter Thompson Brazil Speak on the Spot

Poliaba Sousa the managing director of Coca Cola Brazil spoke on the spot. She explained that since the brand has always been associated with a young audience, connecting with Marvel Studios seemed like a brilliant way to reinforce the connection. Seeing as Avengers Endgame is one of the studio’s most anticipated films of the year. She explained the collaboration will help the brand tell new stories to their consumers.

Richard John, the chief creative officer and president of J Walter Thompson Brazil also spoke about the spot. He explained that the story they are telling is how two absurdly colossal brands like Coca Cola and Marvel Studios managed to create such a great and deep work synergy.  The synergy helped them develop a 100% balanced story between the two co-protagonists’ interests.


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