Clio Awards Design a Digital Mural with Advertising Icons


Clio Awards has been charting the ebb and flow of the world of advertising for 60 years. Every year the prestigious awards takes a snapshot of the advertising industry. They honour and celebrate the most famous and successful campaigns each year. To celebrate its six decades of honouring the industries best, Clio Awards commissioned an interactive, digital mural. The digital mural features advertising icons of the past, present and even the imagined icons.

Clio Awards Design a Digital Mural with Advertising Icons

Clio Awards Design a Digital Mural with Advertising Icons

The digital mural is designed in the style of a Renaissance painting. It pays homage to the advertising industry’s icons. It features influential ad men and women, brand mascots and it pays homages to iconic campaigns. The campaigns and features range from understated (a simple can of Guinness, perched in front of Wieden & Kennedy Chairman Susan Hoffman) to eye-catching (the unblinking eyes of the Subservient Chicken).

About Clio Awards Digital Mural

The digital mural is a mashup of generations and genres and it smashes the fourth wall. It features the Fearless Girl and Barbie adorn alcoves along with Burger King’s The King and Ronald McDonald in a “David” pose. It also features the pioneering adman George Lois and he stands holding the “Esquire” cover he designed featuring Muhammad Ali. The Levi’s Laundry Guy from BBH’s 1985 ad is also featured and he sits in casual undress atop a dryer.

There are also other major ad notables featured in the Clio Awards Digital Awards. They include Linda Kaplan Thaler, Tom Burrell, Colonel Sanders, the Tango Orange Man, Jeff Goodby and Rich Silverstein. Others featured are Mary Wells Lawrence, Colleen DeCourcy, David Ogily, Piyush Pandey, David Droga and David Lubars.

More about Clio Awards Digital Mural

The mural was painted by Brooklyn-based illustrator Sam Spratt and BBDO Los Angeles. Viewers can mouse over each reference, highlighting individual people and items. Clicking through reveals more information. Users can see a biography, a bit of history or the actual ad to refresh memories.

To view the digital mural, please click here.

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