Citi: A How to Guide on How to Get Started on Citibank’s Mobile Banking Platform


Citibank has made banking easier and much more fun, they launched an app called “Citi”. This app has been updated several times over the years to give its users an easy to use and comprehensive app.  It is very convenient and reliable. You can now use this app to create an account with Citi bank without going to the bank. Citi bank recently removed the login page to make banking easier and faster. The app operates nationwide and is available for both Android and iOS devices. Below are listed some of the features of the new Citi bank app.

Citi: A How to Guide on How to Get Started on Citibank’s Mobile Banking Platform

Features of Citi

  1. App account opening: this is the fastest means for you to create/open an account with Citi bank from anywhere and anytime around the globe. All approved customers can open an account within the app in minutes and the new customers can use the account immediately, plus you do not have to wait to get a debit card.
  2. Spending statistics: the Citi app organizes all your transactions with an accurate record to help users maintain their spending and income rates, get opportunities to save more and progress towards spending goals, etc.
  3. Full financial view: Citi is the first major US bank that has a mobile app with a user hub that can be used for financial needs, budgeting and many more.
  4. Bill power: before now, customers requested a more comprehensive and intuitive bill-paying app and this is what Citi bank has provided. Users of this app now have a section where they can view their bills beginning from mortgaging bills to streaming video services.
  5. Enhanced and faster person to person payments through Zelle to over 86 million users in the US
  6. It allows you to quickly lock your debit or credit card if misplaced or stolen
  7. You can easily activate your newly acquired ATM/debit cards
  8. You can quickly reset the pin of your ATM/debit cards
  9. Real forex trading account opening for any gold client
  10. Upgraded mobile check deposit with higher limits and better user experience
  11. Easily authorize a credit card user from anywhere
  12. Simply scan a credit card to activate it from the app
  13. Your spending summaries can be customized

These are not all the benefits though, but you will see more when you successfully download the app. Below is a list of guidelines on how to download the app

How to download the Citi mobile banking app

  1. Got to your device store (iOS store, or Google play) and launch it
  2. From the store search for Citi and download the app
  3. After downloading make sure to install and launch it.

After launching you would have full access to all the benefits and features in this article. All you have to do to start is to open an account with the bank.


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