Chicken Republic Business Review


Welcome to Sekere’s Podcast, On this episode, the Sekere Team and their guest will for the first time ever be doing a business review. They will be sharing their opinions on the Nigerian fast food franchise Chicken Republic.


Christiana: Hello, welcome to Sekere News podcast. My name is Christiana and I’ll be your host for today. My guests today are Semira, Imoh, Tolu and Ik and today is our first ever Business Review.

Christiana: We’ll be reviewing the franchise Chicken Republic. I will talk about Chicken Republic as a brand and also talk about the quality of their products and Brands position in the market when, you compare it to is competitors. So let’s start off with Chicken Republic as a brand.

Christiana: Imoh, what do you think about Chicken Republic as a brand?

Imoh: Well, I feel they have dominated the market and one thing I like about them is how they have set out franchise in different areas, and they are easily accessible. So they are all there in your face and you can’t miss them.

Imoh: They have set their brand mark and they have become a household name that

everyone wants to partake in.. Yeah…thank you

Christiana: Thank you… Semira what do you think about Chicken Republic as a brand.

Semira: Hi, thanks for having me on the show. I particularly like the brand identity of Chicken Republic. I think it’s very modern, very very interested, very striking and I also like how they have set out all the stores.

Semira: It has this distinct Chicken Republic identity. So wherever… whether it’s on the island or on the mainland…wherever it is… you will always see a Chicken Republic store and then you know that this is the signature Chicken Republic brand identity, brand design…basically…so I particularly like their brand identity and I also like that their our menu is very true…they have been very true to their style from the onset.

Semira: So whether is there meat pie or chicken pie, nothing has really deviated from their taste or all their menu selection so you don’t start seeing things like maybe fish and sauce or something like that… You just see what they have been through to right from the onset? So yes, I personally like that about the brand.

Christiana:  All right. Tolu, what you think about the brand.

Tolu:  Yeah, I think… Thanks for having me on the show Christiana.

Christiana: You are welcome

Tolu: So I think Chicken Republic has done well for themselves so far. I think they’ve carved a niche for themselves and I think they are doing great… although I am of the opinion that…I’m not a great fan of their food. I love their snacks, but their food, I think they can improve on that. But as a brand, their identity and in the marketplace…I think they are doing great. So…

Christiana: All right IK

IK: Thank you for having me around Christiana

IK: I think I’m Chicken Republic is quite a conspicuous brand in the KSR segments of fast food in Nigeria. Not only just being very conspicuous, they are quite aggressive with their marketing strategy such that… I mean unlike any other brand with the 500 fuel… I think it is refuel

Tolu: Yeah..refuel

IK: I mean, it’s very affordable for quite a number of people with easy to just pick up and on the go… which is actually very good for growing their brand and I think some other brands have picked out from this thing and then yes… they’re working on it.

IK: Basically yeah… that’s all I have for them now but along the show…Yes…I mean…

Semira: So for me, I also like that IK mentioned the refuel meal and they also have something like the refuel max. I think… An 800 naira full course meal… not a full cost meal but you get all your necessary nutrients and then you get a drink.

Tolu: Yes your get value for your money

Imoh: Very pocket-friendly

Semira: Yes, very pocket-friendly and I think other brands have tried to copy that model but they haven’t quite got it yet. You can go to any Chicken Republic outlet and say you want that meal and they tell you they are out of it. It is always there at any time of the day.

Imoh: I have actually experienced one when they ran out of it.

Semira: Where is that?

Imoh: That was at Maryland mall.

Semira: I am sure they were done for the day

Tolu: I have actually experienced it before along Ago Palace way.

Imoh: It was actually around Midday.

Semira: I am sure that was like after rush hour.

IK: I think it is good for their business if you run out of stock… considering

Tolu: I think they are doing really great.

Imoh: People actually go in for it.

Tolu: It is affordable to the lay man.

Semira: What is interesting is that they don’t deliver the meal to you even if you are going to pay an extra cost. I actually find it very annoying when they tell you have to order a certain amount before they can have your food delivered even though you’re still going to pay for a delivery fee. So what does it matter what I have to order it? If I am still going to pay for the delivery. That is my only problem with your Chicken Republic and that.

Christiana:  But I think that’s the every like fast food.

Semira: But why is that? I’m not still paying for the delivery.

Tolu: Value for the delivery?

Christiana: Maybe they just want to… I don’t know. I don’t understand that.

Semira: I don’t understand it

Imoh: If you are paying for the delivery it doesn’t matter what she is ordering.

Christiana: What she is ordering if she is paying for it.

Tolu:  Yeah, I think you’re right.

Christiana:  So that doesn’t make sense so…

Tolu: But I think did not want through the stress of that for just probably 300 or 500 naira

Semira: But I am still paying for delivery.

Tolu: That’s it….So it’s not about the money to them in the long run though the money


IK: But think for every business regardless of…It’s the money coming in

Tolu: Yes it’s the money… how would I put it…let’s think about it.. It is not only Chicken Republic this is applicable to… if you go online and to place an order…you see a minimum of 1. 2, a minimum of 1. 5.

Semira: I think most… because Dominos you don’t even pay for delivery…Right? Do you pay for delivery?

Tolu: No

Semira: You don’t pay for delivery whatever you are asking for.

Christiana: I think you do…

Semira: No you don’t pay for delivery, So I think it’s just the way the business model is. I don’t know if it’s because it’s being… I mean they are franchises… Is Domino’s a franchise as well?

Christiana: Yes it is

Imoh: Yes it is

Semira: Yes it is… So I wonder why?

Tolu: So it is not just Chicken Republic…if you are to go on Jumia Foods, most of the restaurants there…they do the same thing.

Semira: Which I think is very bad… if you are going to charge me for delivery for something… let me ask for whatever I need to ask for, even if it is a bottle of water.

Imoh: It all depends on what you are selling. If what you are selling doesn’t amount to that except they add a lot of products to it.  You will still have to sell it and charge them for delivery.

Tolu: Oh! Well… I guess… in the course of this we will find out

Christiana: I think this is something they should definitely work on.

Tolu: Yes, they need to

Christiana: All right, so I think you guys have said everything when it comes to the brand. It’s not high-end and it appeals to everybody… if you’re rich you can go Chicken Republic, you can afford the food. If you’re not so…if you are in the middle class…. You can also afford Chicken Republic. I love the ambience every single place you go to unlike…. Mr. Biggss where you have different…Maybe go to one…Tasty Fried Chicken and you see how its… someplace you will like and you go to another place and…its off

Tolu: I will have to cut you off there… You made a statement saying if you’re rich you can afford the food. If I am rich I don’t think I would want to Chicken Republic’s food sometimes because for them I think is more about quantity than quality because I would rather I think I preferred there….

Tolu:  I don’t know how long you’ve been having Chicken Republic but when this refuel max came. I think the quality reduced when it comes to the food. So I think if I’m rich I’ll rather go elsewhere than get 500 or 850 food.

Semira: But if you are on the go…

Tolu: Exactly I thank that’s their pain point what they decide to work on is for those on the go,  affordability for people who can’t…Bike man, market women whatever, store owners, but I don’t think their target market is for the rich.

Imoh: I actually don’t like their fried rice.

Tolu: Their food I won’t say is great…

Christiana: Alright…so you guys have already moved to the quality of their products. So like Tolu is saying she…

Semira: I think they have their off and on days…some days especially when it’s fresh out of the stoves. It is nice to eat… and maybe on a Monday when they’ve rested….Actually, they don’t rest…. But sometimes they are actually like…this is the Meal! Especially when you have gone a long day and you are starved. When you eat the food you are like this is value for my money. So, yes, they have their on and off days, especially in some locations. But…

IK: On and Off days

Tolu: Which shouldn’t be for business.

Semira: I know ….obviously

IK: Then again…it is mostly off… because the truth is that…if you had somewhere to eat for that amount you would not take it.

Semira: I won’t say it’s not …

IK: I am sorry to say, their fried rice is not fried rice now, it’s just coloured rice

Tolu: Even the Jollof

Semira: I think fried rice is generally coloured rice

IK: It is just coloured rice

Semira: Well… for me… Jollof rice is fine even their spaghetti is actually fine too

Imoh: Where have I has nice fried rice?

IK: But then again if…

Semira: It’s 500 naira how do you want it to be garnished with…

Tolu: That’s why I said what was their purpose of doing this… it is to reach out to the masses. That’s why I said its quantity for them, not quality. When they started it…

Semira: But the chicken is really…it is a nice size

Tolu: I am not talking about the chicken, I am talking about the rice

Semira: So I guess they are making up for the rice by giving you a nice size of crunchy chicken.

Tolu: No I don’t want size I need quality.

Christiana: But I think, apart from rice… their chickwizz sandwich isn’t actually bad.

Tolu: Their chickwizz is amazing.

Semira: Their spaghetti is really good for the 500 naira meal, so I think you should just target the spaghetti.

Tolu: The chickwizz is amazing I must say.

Christiana: The low end… the packages is what is not so good.. maybe the rice… the 500 naira but when you go to their chickwizz, their burgers… you can eat those things.

Tolu: That’s why I said that their snacks are amazing

Christiana: Their products are just somewhere…

Tolu: I rather pay 1500 to have a proper fine meal..quality

Semira: But you can do 3 of that.

Tolu: I rather not…For me it is about quality.

Semira: I rather do 3 of that.

Christiana: Okay, so I’m going to move to Chicken Republic as opposed to its competitors… Semira, Tolu, Imoh, IK.

Semira: So TFC fried rice is very good… it is not coloured rice, jollof rice I don’t really like it that much. I feel like…

Tolu: Their Ajoke rice…everything about TFC is so good… trust me it is amazeballs!!! Its nice.

Semira: I don’t know about their Jollof rice, I am actually always running from their jollof rice.

Tolu: It is nice

Christiana: It is just there

Tolu: I would take it over their Jollof rice

Semira: Jollof rice is very dicey, one day good, one day bad… so I feel if it is not eating at a party, I don’t expect all these eateries to actually get it right. So for me, I would actually go to Chicken Republic for jollof rice over TFC’s jollof rice… in my honest opinion.

Semira: Then the varieties of chicken and Chicken Republic… they only give you the spicy one and the crunchy one right?. No barbecue.

Christiana: They don’t have barbecue.

Semira: That’s very bad.

IK: But then again…I mean… looking at it from this angle… I am a vegetarian and they don’t even take care of my needs. That is something they should work on

Semira: But it is a Chicken Republic…go to Vegetarian Republic

IK: Regardless… it should cut across

Semira: I truly doubt it

IK: And not just flesh eaters… I mean…

Semira: Hello… It’s Chicken Republic what do you expect?

Christiana: Most of the fast foods in Nigeria cater… none of them cater to vegetarians

Semira: I mean you could do the salads

Imoh: Maybe they can reconsider, prepare Tofu for them..

Semira: Hello… Go to Tofu Republic don’t go to Chicken Republic

Imoh: or put in chicken nuggets

Semira: Chicken nuggets won’t still be eaten by the vegetarians

Imoh: You can take chicken nuggets right?

IK: No

Semira: That’s right, you can’t even take eggs, so why are you even going to Chicken Republic… or go to buy vegetarian spring rolls on the roadside

Christiana: Or cook your food.

Imoh: Or just stay in your house and eat fruits.

Tolu: Exactly…like I said their target is not for vegetarians, not quality … it is for quantity and for the masses.

Semira: The chicken is quality

Christiana: Okay… Imoh… Do you have anything to say about their food when compared to competitors?

Imoh: No

Christiana: Okay so…

Christiana: Okay, so if I have to say anything about competitors I feel when it comes to food definitely TFC beats Chicken Republic hands down but when it comes to accessibility, everywhere you go to you find a Chicken Republic.

Semira: Yeah

Christiana: TFC not so much

Semira: I also like their branding, way better than TFC.

Christiana: Sometimes TFC can be a little bit local when you compare it to…

Semira: Even their brand identity compared to Chicken Republic…the packaging

IK: It’s different especially when it comes to the ambience as well

Semira: Exactly

Semira: Chicken Republic is way better

Christiana: Yes… They are consistent…

Tolu: I would say that TFC is consistent when it comes to their food…you will go to all the TFC outlets in Lagos and you will find the same taste… reasoning being that TFC has a rally point where the food is cooked at a certain place as ahead and is dispatched all round. But consistency when it comes to… Chicken Republic I really can’t say. I wouldn’t say I am biased about Chicken Republic but that’s my opinion. Like I said, I rather quality over quantity and masses.

Christiana: Well I think the only thing TFC has over Chicken Republic is food but apart from that ambience wise, packaging, brand messaging and brand image, Chicken Republic beats it hands down. It’s even more affordable. So I feel overall  I think Chicken Republic is a strong brand. What do you guys think?

Semira: Yes, I think it is a strong brand too and I feel like they’re going to be around for a very long time.

Christiana: Yes… Imoh… what do you think about it?


Imoh: I agree with you. They are going to be around for a long time, they have done their homework and they are killing the market.

Christiana All right… IK what do you have to say? Final words for Chicken Republic?

Semira: More vegetarian food

IK: Exactly more vegetarian food. It is quite difficult because I hardly ever eat there but then again you will think they will cater to some of us who don’t eat some of these things.

Christiana: You can try their moi moi

Tolu and Semira: The moi moi has egg.

Imoh: Yes on their moi moi, that’s like the greatest scam ever.

Tolu: Greatest scam ever, I mean how much is egg

Imoh: Egg is like 30 naira

Tolu: I rather you don’t even put egg inside

Imoh: Than to give me a slice of …

Semira: Maybe they just want it to fit into the package

Tolu: I am of the opinion that anything worth doing is worth doing well. If you know you want to go the 5000, the 800, you want to really go affordable… if it’s not convenient.. why? But anyways I think they are strong when it comes to brand identity, being out there for the masses and of course, affordability… people would want to be like… oh! I am hungry and walk into a place… Yes, I would give it to them and I think they will be around for a very long time because of this but asides that quality I am sorry… no no for me

Semira: Sorry…one just popped into my head… I think they have free Wi-Fi spots in some of their outlets right and I also want to say that it’s a great place for meetings because I would definitely not go to a Mr. Biggs or a Tantalizers or a TFC. It is always a Chicken Republic.

Imoh: Is there still Mr. Biggs

Semira: Yes

Christiana: All right. Thank you guys for coming in…Tolu, Ik, Semira and Imoh…, thank you guys so much for coming in

Semira: Thank you for having us

Christiana: And if you want us to review any business, please let us know in our comment or you can send us an email or when you visit the blog you can put it down in the comments, or on the social media pages. We will be happy to review the business, and if you agree with our review or disagree, if you have any comments, please leave a comment below. We are very eager to hear from you… Thank you…


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