Celebrate New Year’s Eve Twice in Two Different Continent


Do you love celebrating New year’s eve? Have you ever wanted to celebrate New year’s eve twice on 2 different continents? Well if it is something you would like to do, then a private jet company is offering the service. A private jet company called PrivateFly is offering its clients and potential clients the opportunity to experience New Year’s Eve Twice on 2 different continents

Celebrate New Year’s Eve Twice in Two Different Continent

How the Private Jet Company Plans to Celebrate New Year’s Eve Twice

So Privatefly doesn’t have a time travelling jet, just a really fast jet. The private jet company Privatefly plans to manipulate the international datelines. The jet company will be taking passengers to Syndey and Los Angeles. This is made possible by their super fast jet which is Gulfstream G550. The flight is very tight and is only possible with the Gulfstream G550 jet

About the Trips

This wonderful experience is very pricey and costs $255,500 to charter the entire aircraft or $31,950 per person if eight friends book together. The party will start in Sydney on the 31st of December around 8 p.m and will take guest on a 13.5 hours jet ride to Los Angeles, you don’t have to worry about a long boring flight. The private will be beautifully decorated with a state of the art entertainment system. Guest will be treated to cuvée Champagne, and dishes such as caviar, lamb tartare, and lobster. If you love luxury then you will definitely enjoy this trip.

At Sydney guest will start the night at one of the city’s most glamorous night stops and VIP Parties. They will also get to experience the New Year at midnight with a view of the famous fireworks in the harbour. At 2.00am guest will take off from Sydney for Los Angeles, the plane will land at California at 8.30pm. At Los Angeles, they will get the opportunity to go to any luxury party of their choice

The Luxury private Jet Company offers two different in-flight experiences:

  • The Wellness package: This private flight aims to give passengers the optimum restful flight experience. The flight attendant will control the lighting and temperature of the jet’s cabin to give the ultimate restful experience.  Designer pyjamas and slippers will be available on the flight to create a restful and peaceful ambience. Passengers can also pamper their skin with luxury skincare products and masks. Detox juices and a VIP vitamin-packed catering menu will also be available. There’s also a master bedroom and separate flat single beds, outfitted with deluxe bedding.
  • The Festive Flight Package: This flight is for passengers who want to continue the celebrations. Passengers will enjoy music from the state of the art music entertainment systems. There will also be a detectable menu with cuvée Champagne caviar, lamb tartare, and lobster to keep guests in the party mood.


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