Carnival in Rio de Janeiro: The Ultimate Festival Bucket List


We are starting a festival bucket list series. This series is going to discuss different festivals from all over the world that should definitely make it on your bucket list. This series will talk about what the festival is all about and why it should be on your bucket list. The first festival on our list is the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro.

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro: The Ultimate Festival Bucket List
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About the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is 5 day festival of Catholic origin. The carnival occurs every year during the 5 days preceding the Catholic lent. It usually falls between February and March. The festival was originally a food festival because it celebrates the last time you can eat abundantly before 40 days lent. It is also heavily rooted in culture. The festival celebrates the union between the Portuguese and the Africans, in the past when there was a clash between them.

The festival brought the Portuguese and Africans together once a year to party together. The Portuguese brought the festival from Europe and the Africans brought their rhythms, music and dance moves. These things all merged to create the colourful and entertaining Carnival in Rio de Janeiro.  The Carnival in Rio de Janiero is considered one of the biggest festivals in the world. About 2 million visitors attend this very culturally rich and colourful festival yearly. The Carnival in Rio Janerio is very rich in culture and very entertaining.

During the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, there are different street parties all over the whole Brazil called “blocos”. The blocos are the essence of the carnival. The main attraction of the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is the Samba Parade. The Samba parade is held at Sambodromo and it goes on all night. The parades exhibits dancing from different special groups called Samba schools. The parades are judged by various judges and they are judged based on their song, dance, rhythm, story, floats etc.

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro: The Ultimate Festival Bucket List
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Why the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is Amazing

  • The carnival promises a lot of entertainment

The carnival is very entertaining and it offers a lot of entertaining activities. Therese a lot of dancing and singing not to mention the amazing parades. All these activities will offer great and quality entertainment for visitors.

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro: The Ultimate Festival Bucket List
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  • Live Carnival Performances

The Samba parade offers an amazing array of great performances from the different Samba groups. The performances are very entertaining and memorable.

  • Immerse yourself in the Culture

The carnival will give you the opportunity to learn more about Brazilian culture and history. You can immerse yourself in their remarkable culture.

If you have added this Carnival to your bucket list and want to attend the 2019 Carnival in Rio de Janiero, it is important you book your accommodation in advance to avoid problems at the last moment. Finding accommodation during the carnival is very difficult.


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