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Welcome to Sekere’s Podcast, On this episode, the Sekere Team and our guest will be sharing their opinions on the Marvel’s latest movie Captain Marvel.


Below is a transcript of the podcast

Christiana: Hello, Welcome to Sekere news…My name is Christiana, I’ll be your host today, with me today here is Tolu from a communications firm… She works in customer service in a communications firm.

Christiana: Today…We’re going to be reviewing the Captain Marvel movie. It’s the latest movie from the Marvel franchise. It stars Brie Larson as Captain Marvel… It is basically the origin story of Captain Marvel.

Christiana: It is just introducing us to the character before we see her in the Avengers End Game… on…. I think it’s April 26th. Yes…

Christiana: So basically they’ve been talking about Captain Marvel how she’s the most powerful superhero in the whole franchise and how she’s going to be the key to defeating Thanos.

Christiana: So the movie on its own was just to introduce us to the character… tell us where she’s from, the kinds of power and things like that.

Christiana: We both recently saw the movie and then we would like to review it…based on the review, maybe you will be inspired to see the movie or not…but it was…

Christiana:  Let’s hear from Tolu and what she thinks about the movie… so…Tolu

Tolu: Thanks for having me on the show Christiana.

Christiana: You are welcome

Tolu: Okay so far so good…I think Captain Marvel for me was entertaining. It makes me want to see more of Captain Marvel in the future. I can’t wait for Avengers the End game and see what she has to bring to the table.

Tolu: I’m really excited about it…but for the introduction of Captain Marvel in this particular movie. I think the movie has great visuals and my favourite part of the movie or my favourite act in the movie is Samuel L Jackson, he acted as Nick Fury and he had this special relationship with the cat there and I love how they got along.

Tolu:  Well, I think but the weak point for me in Captain Marvel, was on some of the underutilized characters. Such as Ronan the Accuser… I think he could have done more and I think there could be more intriguing things about him.

Tolu: And also I have a…there were some questionable soundtracks… I really didn’t like much about it.

Tolu: But also I would also like to diverge to special things. I like about the movie as well the intro-credits with the tribute to Stanley. I think it was really nice and amazing. The first post-credits sequence was also really nice then it twists where well placed.

Tolu: I also think some of the jokes worked. Well, of course, we have to give that to Samuel L.Jackson and amazing costumes for me and all in all I think I really liked it.

Tolu: But another part I didn’t like about it was I think Captain Marvel didn’t get a challenging opponent through which she could grow I think she was so or should I say too strong and it wasn’t challenging.

Tolu: Of course, she had to show her super skills, her superpower and everything and her opponent was just not I think… what is the word… the best person to for her but all in all I think it was amazing.

Tolu: If you would ask me if I would do it again. Yes, I will over and over again.

Christiana:  Okay…So my review for Captain Marvel…it was a good movie. I’ll say it’s good but compared to what we expect from Marvel.

Christiana:  No, I wasn’t 100% sold on it. Like I’m not… It’s an okay movie but I’m not in love with it. I felt like I don’t know…. The story wasn’t compelling.

Christiana: I wasn’t completely invested in her character like the other when you’re watching Captain America and things like…

Christiana: How you invested in the characters and what happens I wasn’t exactly invested. I felt like the storyline was just too… I don’t know… kind of force.

Christiana: They were just trying to you know… this is where she’s coming from… I don’t know. I wasn’t just emotionally invested in the movie technically for me personally….sorry

Christiana: But…I like some things about the movie.

Christiana: I liked the music, unlike Tolu I really liked the music was very nice. It was very 90s and it was very nostalgic.

Christiana: We had… Nirvana, No Doubt, we had TLC. I liked the music… It was very good.

Christiana: I liked all 90s references like the scene when she’s trying to use the computer at the cyber cafe. I thought that was kind of funny. And so I like that

Christiana: Like Tolu said the tribute to Stan Lee was actually really nice. I liked the beginning scenes when you just see… where they just put  Stan Lee, I liked his cameo in it, it is very sad that that will be the last cameo we will actually see from him.

Christiana: What else did I like? Okay. Yeah, I think yeah I liked it… It was an okay movie but not Marvel’s best movie.

Christiana: I don’t think its Marvel’s best movie. It was funny but it wasn’t as funny other movies and I thought it was kinda slow in the beginning to like build us off

Christiana: I wasn’t it wasn’t all… but I like the story, like what the story was trying to say… It was about empowerment and self-confidence like you don’t need people to actually believe in you. You just need to believe in yourself.

Christiana:  And I kind of liked the…it was n’t exactly the last scene but towards the last scene when the two characters were fighting and she was fighting with someone and you have…

Christiana: Normally if it was guy-on-guy.. they will usually use their pride. Maybe you have a gun.

Christiana: You say kay, let’s fight man to man and stuff like that. So I liked how she just dismissed him like I don’t need to prove to you that I can beat you. I know I can beat you and everything

Christiana: But generally… I wasn’t all that impressed… I liked the fight scenes and I like the character. I think she’s a very powerful character. I’m excited to see how she will face off against Thanos.

Christiana: Like Tolu said her adversaries like our opponents were not all that fascinating.

Christiana: So imagine seeing her fighting with Thanos, now that is going to be…It is getting very exciting… Like okay… Let’s see what she’s going to… how she’s going to fair against Thanos.

Christiana: So Tolu, do you have anything to add.

Tolu: Yes another act I can say I really liked was the Skrull General. I think I think learnt one or two things for him

Tolu:  I think he was daring and was willing to go the extra mile to locate his family and do anything. I think he knew when to and when not to.

Tolu: He knew when to draw the line when not to…he knew when to use force and when not to use Force… when to stop, when he had to be patient… when he had to meet up with Captain Marvel at her best friend’s house and actually sits and discuss with her

Christiana: He was a very good strategist

Tolu: Yes… He was and I think I like that particular part and I also liked the last scene.

Tolu: That was before the credit sequence where she had to fight with our opponent and where you said she dismissed him. I think that was really nice really… you do not have to prove a point to anyone when you got it. You know, you’ve got it.

Christiana: You got it… Yes

Tolu:  Yeah, I think all in all if I’m to rate the movie I will give it…out of a 100… I’ll give it a 79.5… If I should rate it

Christiana: If I should rate it out of a hundred… Let’s see…I think I’ll give it is 65… But I think Marvel has done so much and could do so much. This was just kind of a little bit… Maybe this was one of the first movies, they did..  you’ll be like wow…It was okay, it wasn’t bad but not the best.

Christiana: But do you have anything to add about your favourite character?

Tolu: Like I said my favourite character in this particular movie is Samuel L Jackson. He acted as Nick Furry.

Tolu: Yeah, I’m sorry. I have a to chip this in… I have a question though and I don’t know if it’s going to be answered in Avengers the endgame.

Tolu: I pondered why the cat would take out Samuel L Jackson’s eyes when they had some sort of relationship or probably because a cat will always be a cat.

Tolu: But I really don’t understand that part of what it should signify. So I think that you’re the only question I have on this but asides that’s all I have to say…great movie. I think you should all see it If you haven’t… trust me it is worth your time. I love it.

Christiana: Yeah, it’s actually an okay movie. It’s not bad. It’s great. And I think something people if you’re a fan of the Marvel franchise going to see the movie will answer a lot of questions like how Nick Fury lost his eyes. How the whole Avenger… the name for the Avengers came up

Christiana: There was a lot of references to… You’ll be like oh-oh my God… So this is why they did… This is why this happens…

Christiana: We got to see Coulson again when you’re just starting out. We got to see how the relationship with Nick Fury actually started and things like that.

Christiana: So it’s actually a good movie. If you want to know more about… it’s not just a backstory about Captain Marvel. It is also a backstory about some of the things that the Marvel franchise is known for. So it’s also an origin story for the Marvel franchise also, Christiana: so all in all you know, I think Tolu gave it a 75.

Tolu: A 79.5

Christiana: A 79.5, I gave it to 65/100. So if you see the movie, let us know how you feel. Do you agree with our review? Also, the trailer of the movie in case you don’t know if you haven’t heard about the movie below. So, thank you very much for listening. Bye.



  1. Very accurate review…. Not the best marvel movie but a very good shout out to female empowerment and Stan Lee… good introduction to the character/End Game and lots of questions answered..


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