Capri Sun Lends Its Voice to the Fight Against Bullying


Capri Sun the Rudolf Wild brand joins the fight against bullying with its new lunchroom furniture.  A lot of kids are believed to be skipping lunchtime because of the fear of bullying and exclusion. Lunchtime which is supposed to be a time that fosters relationships and unity is now a major source of pain for a lot of children.  A lot of kids are made to feel alone and are ostracized during lunchtime time. Capri Sun in partnership with a non-profit organisation “No Bully” is attempting to solve this problem.

Capri Sun and No Bully Partnership

They have partnered together to create an anti-bullying campaign and a lunchroom table. They have created a giant S-shaped called “Together Table”. The table was created to help combat bullying by encouraging unity and inclusivity by making it difficult for any one group to monopolize it. Capri Sun will also be donating a dollar for every student who skips school due to fear of bullying and exclusion. A donation totalling $160,000 would be made to No Bully to support their mission of reducing bullying globally.

Source: Business Wire
Source: Business Wire

Capri Sun And No Bully Talk About How The Table Can Help The Fight Against Bullying

According to Capri Sun, the idea for the table stemmed from research that says 160,000 students skip school every day. The research revealed that kids skip school due to fear of bullying and exclusion. The brand’s execs say that when they saw the staggering stats, they felt compelled to take action.

They believe that the together table can be a symbol of hope for children everywhere. They hope that the table can be used to create more inclusive lunchrooms around the globe. The No bully founder Nicholas Carlisle sees the table as a force that can bring children together by ensuring every child has a place to sit.

A minute- long video was created to promote the “together table”. Consumers can also take a stand against bullying by using the hashtag #SitTogether and sharing The Together Table film on Twitter and Facebook. Bullying is linked to many negative outcomes including impacts on mental health, substance use, and suicide. It is very important that people take a stand against bullying.

Capri Sun Lends Its Voice to the Fight Against Bullying


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