Capital One Signs Multi-Year Partnership with Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift is  Capital One’s latest brand ambassador. They recently signed a deal that will see the pop singer become the brand’s face and soundtrack for years to come. Taylor Swift and Capital One have signed a multi-year partnership. The partnership will see the pop songstress give special access opportunities exclusively for Capital One customers and many other things.

Capital One Signs Multi-Year Partnership with Taylor Swift

To help announce and introduce the partnership, Capital One released a new television spot. The spots star Taylor Swift and highlights the Capital One Savor card, which allows customers to earn unlimited 4% cashback on dining and entertainment purchases.


About Capital One’s New Spot which Features Taylor Swift

The spot features the pop star’s new song with Brendon Urie Me! from her new album Lover. In the ad we see the Taylor Swift as a bumbling diner server, we also see her as a clumsy bartender. As a clumsy bartender, the spot cleverly alludes to another one of her hits, Shake it Off.  The TV spot was created to show how the Savor card rewards customers for going out with friends and family.

More Details about the Taylor Swift and Capital One Partnership

Asides the TV Spot, the brand is also celebrating the partnership and the 23 August launch of Taylor Swift’s seventh studio album, Lover with a great opportunity for swifties. The brand is offering its cardholders the opportunity to pre-order an exclusive album bundle. The exclusive album bundle includes a digital Standard Edition of Lover and a one-of-a-kind Taylor Swift t-shirt.

Cardholders can pre-order the exclusive album bundles from


Capital One Speaks on the Partnership

Marc Mentry, the chief brand officer at the financial brand spoke about the partnership with the pop star. He expressed the brand’s excitement to begin the partnership. Mentry talked about how the brand is aware that its customers are passionate about unforgettable entertainment experiences like those Taylor Swift consistently creates for her fans. He explained that the brand is always looking for ways to give its customers the best, most exclusive access. He explained that the partnership with Taylor Swift will allow them to do that.



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