Cadbury’s New OOH Campaign Runs a Chocolate Election


Cadbury recently launched a new digital OOH campaign that runs like an election. For the campaign, the chocolate brand partnered with Posterscope to develop the digital OOH campaign. The OOH campaign allows the UK consumers to vote on the chocolate brand’s next Dairy Milk flavour.

Cadbury’s New OOH Campaign Runs a Chocolate Election

About Cadbury and Posterscope OOH Campaign

The OOH campaign runs like an election where consumers can select one of three limited-edition Dairy Milk bars. The three limited-edition Dairy Milk bars have been in the stores for some time and they were created by ‘inventors.’  The OOH digital boards used for the campaign will share live polling data. It is presented in the style of a political advertising campaign between three candidates. Voters get to decide which one will remain on sale.

Posterscope worked with Carat and placed the campaign across 50 large digital format screens and more than 500 digital 6-sheets. It is also supported with static large and 6-sheet formats and would run till the end of July.

Cadbury and Carat Speaks on the Campaign

Lyndsey Homer, junior brand manager of Cadbury Dairy Milk spoke about the campaign. She talked about how the brand wanted a campaign that they could be confident would get the public behind their three Inventors. They wanted a campaign that will encourage consumers to take part in selecting which flavour they will introduce to the Cadbury Milk Bar range. By using the live polling data, they are trying to create a sense of excitement and urgency among the public to get out and vote for their favourite.

Juliet Pigache, comms planning manager at Carat also spoke about the campaign. She talked about how it was no brainer to use digital out of home for this stage of the Cadbury Inventor campaign. She explained that it gives the brand a nationwide reach. It also gives them the ability to use location data to home in and serve tailored creative executions in their inventors’ hometowns and counties. This will help to drive local support in the final voting.

Source: The Drum


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