Cadbury Dairy Milk and Age UK Team Up to Solve Old Age Loneliness


Cadbury Dairy Milk and Age UK are teaming up to solve old age loneliness. They are working to demonstrate how a small gesture can sweeten the life of a lonely elderly person. They are doing this by launching a campaign called ‘Donating from Words’.

About Cadbury Diary Milk and Age Uk’s Campaign

The campaign was created based on stats that prove that older age loneliness is becoming an epidemic. According to stats, they are reportedly 1.4 million people struggling alone.  The stats also say that of that number, each week, 225,000 people do not speak with anyone at all. Armed with this information, Cadbury Dairy Milk and Age UK partnered together to help solve the problem with their ‘Donating from Words’.  The campaign will involve the launch of a limited edition bar and they will donate 30p from every chocolate sold to Age UK’s pockets to help them provide vital services and support for older people.

The campaign will also be supported by a social campaign. It will see people be encouraged to ‘donate their words’ too. People will be encouraged to commit to everyday actions such as checking in on an older neighbour, calling an older relative for a chat or getting involved with Age UK.  The campaign is supported by a film created by VCCP and directed by Frederic Planchon. The film is called Fence.

About Fence

The film attached the campaign centres around an older gentleman who lives on his own. He usually gardens and every time he gardens the noisy kids next door accidentally lose their toys over his fence.   Each time they lose their toy, the older gentleman returns it. This is his only form of interaction with the outside world each day.

To thank the man for always returning their toys, the kids throw over a bar of dairy milk. They state that the bar must not be returned.


Cadbury Dairy Milk and Age UK Speak on the Campaign

Cadbury’s senior brand manager, Claudia Miceli spoke about the campaign. She stated that the brand is very proud to announce the partnership with Age UK.  She talked about how the brand is donating the words from their bars and encouraging people to find their glass & a half of kindness and generosity and donate theirs through small gestures that could really help change the lives of older people.

Laurie Boult, fundraising director at Age UK also spoke about the campaign. She also mentioned that their organization is proud to work with Cadbury Dairy Milk on this campaign. Boult talked about how happy they are to be raising vital funds to help support Age UK’s work, nationally and locally to tackle loneliness and isolation amongst older people.

She shared her hope that the public will get behind the campaign, whether by simply buying a limited edition bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk or pledging to donate their words to help an older person.


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