Buzzoole Launches Industry-First Influencer Marketing Benchmark


Buzzoole the influencer marketing platform recently announced that it has launched an influencer marketing benchmarking report. According to Buzzoole, this marketing benchmarking report is an industry first. The report aims to solve the common measurement issues around the effectiveness of influencer campaigns. With the report by Buzzoole, marketers will be able to prove how effective an influencer campaign is.

Buzzoole Launches Industry-First Influencer Marketing Benchmark

About Buzzoole’s Marketing Benchmarking Report

Buzzoole was inspired to develop this report after they saw that their clients and other agencies had no way to compare how effective influencer marketing campaigns are to other media. They carried out a study with Nielson and they discovered that 47% of the marketers said they would be prepared to spend more in order to gauge the impact of influencers within the customer journey. While 55% believed the challenge lies in measuring the performance of influencer marketing programs. They then saw the urgent need to develop a measurement metrics to help solve that problem. Buzzoole has been able to leverage insights from Nielsen to create a benchmark that will allow anyone running an influencer campaign to compare results with other marketing channels.

Buzzoole created the benchmark report by using cross-section case studies from its client base. Some of the clients they used for the case study include COTY, Mars Barilla, Breyers, Venus, BIC, and Alpro. They ran these case studies with Nielson for over a year. With the benchmarking report, Buzzoole hopes that they can give influencer marketing the same accounting, reporting and comparison of spends as any other digital channel. This will lead to better measurement, better ROI and more client investment in the medium.

Buzzoole Speaks on the Benchmarking Report

Speaking about the benchmarking report the CCO Ian Samuel said that with their new report, influencer marketing can sit at the same table as all other advertising media. He explained that if as a marketer you have ever wondered if and how effective influencer marketing is, then this report will help you answer those questions. Samuel explained that not having answers to these questions have held back larger investments in influencer marketing. He also stated that by answering all these question to influencer marketing, they have been able to lead the market again while creating a solution to one of the industry’s toughest questions.

This won’t be the first time they will be creating an industry first, in 2018 they launched the first-ever Instagram Stories analytics reporting feature.



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