Buzzoole has Launched Tech to Identify Fraudulent Instagram Accounts


Influencer marketing has been taking a lot of heat lately because of fake followers, accounts and engagements. Instagram has also taken a lot of heat for the exact same reason. A lot of brands have spoken about pulling ad spend on social media platforms who refuse to address this issue. This has led Instagram to act and purge its platform of such offenders. Some reports claim that the Instagram purge wasn’t effective. Well, Buzzoole has decided to take matters into its own hands to restore faith in Influencer marketing. Buzzoole first conducted some research and it revealed that 15 to 20% of Instagram accounts use fraudulent techniques. Buzzoole has since developed tech that can identify fake accounts, fake followers and fake engagements or interactions.

Buzzoole Launches Industry-First Influencer Marketing Benchmark

About Buzzoole’s Tech and How it Works

The Buzzoole Tech will deliver brand influencers who have a real audience, genuine engagements and robust results to brands. When influencers sign up to the platform they give the platform access to their social media accounts, blogs, and data such as Google analytics, Instagram and Facebook insights.  The influencer platform’s new tech will then process all the data gotten from all the platforms. With the tech, brands will get to see a more complete picture of the influencers that are being used. They will also be able to see the results of the campaigns the influencer is running. The Buzzoole will make it very hard for influencers to use fraudulent techniques to get brand endorsements deal. With this tool, the platform is hoping to restore faith in influencer marketing and give brands the confidence to invest more.

The tech by the influence platform uses a wide range of in-depth methodologies to perform its analysis. Some of the methodologies include reach-to-followers ratio and engagement-to-reach ratio. It also scrutinize follower growth and the daily active followers

Buzzole Speaks on the New Tech

According to a Buzzoole rep, with the tool, they can effectively and perfectly match influencers to briefs. They will also be able to deliver rich analytics on campaign performance and deliver clear guarantees to brands. Ensuring brands are only engaging with the highest quality of influencers.


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