Business Lessons to Learn from TV Shows: Game of Thrones


Game of Thrones is arguably one of the most popular shows in the world. With a mind-blowing storyline, amazing cast and great acting, the show has cemented itself in TV history. The show is very entertaining and focuses on some very intriguing and strong themes that can be related to business. Such themes include political intrigue, leadership, strategy and planning, public relations and so much more. This post is going to look beyond the entertaining side of games of thrones. Today we would look at some of the business lessons we can learn from this amazing show.

Business Lessons to Learn from TV Shows: Game of Thrones

Always Pay Your Debts

One of the most popular phrases associated with Game of Thrones is “a Lannister always pays his debts”. This is a very important business lesson every entrepreneur and business leader needs to learn. Having a lot of accumulated debt and being known as a bad investment has a way of affecting your reputation. If you have a reputation of not paying your debts no one would want to invest in your business. The Lannisters always pay their debts and that is the reputation they have built over the years. That’s why they are able to ask so much of people without offering any collateral but their word.  Imagine having that kind of credibility as a business and imagine all you can accomplish with that kind of power. This is not something that happens overnight, it is something you have to work on with every loan and investment made to your business.

Business Lessons to Learn from TV Shows: Game of Thrones

Prepare for the Winter

Winter is coming is the most popular phrase associated with Game of Thrones. This is the tagline for the House of Stark, the phrase suggests to prepare for the long winter. Without enough food or the Wall, no one will be able to survive the harsh winter. As a business leader, you have to ensure you have a plan to weather whatever winter or storm may come to ensure it doesn’t leave your business dead. This involves you having backup plans for dry spells, it also involves looking for creative ways to ensure your business stays relevant by constantly improving and innovating.

Business Lessons to Learn from TV Shows: Game of Thrones

You need to Stay on Top of your Game

One of the most memorable scenes on Game of Thrones is when Oberyn Martell was killed. As the fight progressed Oberyn Martell looked like he was going to come out the victor but in a blink of an eye, he lost because he let his guard down. Your brand might be on top for a moment but it doesn’t mean it will always be on top. In the blink of an eye another brand can take over or a new trend can take over leaving your brand outdated and irrelevant. So it is important you always look out for ways to improve your service. You should also look out for the latest innovations and tech, to find out how it can be adopted by your business to improve it.

Business Lessons to Learn from TV Shows: Game of Thrones

Leadership Can Make or Break a Business

Leadership is very important to any business or empire. Looking at Game of Thrones we can learn that lesson. The mad king obviously had a terrible leadership style which led to one of the greatest wars in the 7 kingdoms. Unlike the mad king, Deanery’s leadership has commanded genuine loyalty and devotion from her followers. Her leadership style was able to unite different people and even attract people like Tyrion and Varys to her cause. With your leadership style, you can break or make your business.

Business Lessons to Learn from TV Shows: Game of Thrones

Know who to Trust.

Trust is a major theme on Game of Thrones and we can all see how trusting the wrong people can destroy a person. For instance, Eddard Stark who trusted Littlefinger and got his head chopped off. The same lesson can be applied to your business, trusting the wrong person or people can lead to the demise of your business.



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