Burger King’s Burn That Ad: Burger King Lets Fans in Brazil ‘Burn’ Competitors’ Ads


Burger King is known to troll its rival fast-food chains with its creative and entertaining campaigns. They have recently launched a new campaign in Brazil called “Burn That Ad.” Burger King’s Burn That Ad campaign encourages fans to burn their competitor’s ads for a chance to win a Whopper. Fans are able to do this through a new app feature available on the fast food chains app.

About Burger King’s Burn That Ad Campaign

Burger King’s Burn That Ad campaign encourages fans to burn their rival ads to win a Whooper. The campaign was created by the creative agency David Sao Paulo. Burger King’s Burn That Ad campaign is only available in Brazil, it is unclear if the brand will take it to other parts of the world. To participate in the Burger King’s Burn That Ad campaign, fans would have to download and launch the fast food chain’s app in Brazil. When they are close to a competitor’s ad, the fan should point their smartphone to the ad or digital content.

Through augmented reality, fans will get to see the ad being burned up instantly. After the ad is burnt away, the consumer will receive a coupon for a free Whopper. According to the brand, they will be giving out 500,000 free Whoppers in Brazil through the campaign. They have limited the offer to one per customer. Burger King’s Burn That Ad campaign was created to promote their BK Express service. The BK Express service lets customers pre-order food for pickup, with the service users can avoid lines. Burger King’s Burn That Ad campaign is a very brilliant campaign. Seeing as it allows the fast-food chain to turn the media investments of their main competitors into their ads of their own.

Burger King Speaks on its Burn That Ad Campaign

Ariel Grunkraut Burger King’s marketing and sales director for Brazil spoke about the campaign. She stated that Tech as a way to give their customers the best experience is a major investment target for 2019.  She spoke about how the brand is offering fun interactions in augmented reality for their fans through the app. Grunkraut stated that people who use the BK Express service will get a free Whopper.

Rafael Donato the creative vice president at David Sp also spoke about the campaign. He stated that the campaign allowed them to hack the competition by leveraging their biggest advantage which is fire.



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