Burger King Bites Back at McDonald’s Big Massive Sign


The burger war between McDonald’s and Burger King seems to be getting hotter and hotter. As you know the two fast-food chains are constantly at war with each other. With each brand, throwing shots at the other at every chance they get.  Burger King is known for throwing the most savage and creative shots. McDonald’s seems to be catching up with its latest stunt in Belgium and Burger King refused to take it sitting down. Burger King recently responded to the McDonald’s big massive sign in Belgium with an equally big massive sign. Just in case you were wondering, BK’s response was just as savage as McDonald’s starting shot.

Burger King Bites Back at McDonald’s Big Massive Sign

McDonald’s Trolls New Burger King with Massive Sign

McDonald’s Belgium decided to troll its competitor’s new chain restaurant right in front of the building. They placed a massive trolling billboard, they used the billboard and the traffic for the new chain restaurant to promote a message about its table service. On the massive billboard, the restaurant chain is claiming that unlike other fast-food restaurants in the city, they bring your Big Mac menu or chicken wings straight to a diner’s table.

To create this trolling campaign, the brand worked with creative agency TBWA\Belgium. The message on the billboard reads “Served by a king, or served like a king? Discover our table service at McDonald’s.” McDonald’s transformed its iconic logo into a golden crown. To top of the savagery, the brand also added the directions to its two nearest restaurants which is just a few minutes’ walks from the New Burger king.

Burger King Responds to McDonald’s Massive Sign

BK, never wanting to be outdone bit back at its competitors Big Massive Sign with an equally big sign. The sign was placed right next to the McDonald’s sign. They poked fun at its competitors attempt to mock them while highlighting what their customers can enjoy from their services. On the billboard, BK wrote, “Why try to roast when you can’t even flame grill”?  Buzzman Paris was behind fast food’s clap back.


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