Bumble and Serena Williams Partner on a New Campaign to Empower Women


Bumble recently announced a Bumble and Serena Williams partnership on a new campaign. The campaign will see Serena Williams, Bumble’s global advisor appearing in a yearlong marketing campaign. The campaign messaging is focused on women’s empowerment. It will be debuted during the Super Bowl on February 3rd.

What we Know Bumble and Serena Williams Campaign

 Not a lot of information has been released about the Bumble and Serena Williams Campaign. But we know that the Bumble and Serena Williams Campaign is titled “The Ball is in Her Court”. We also know it will air on the Super Bowl on the 3rd of February. It is unclear if the Ball is in her court campaign will air during the Big Game. The Bumble and Serena Williams Campaign is aimed at encouraging women to make the first move in all aspects of their lives. The campaign was created by an all-women team and it will feature the Tennis athlete making the first move in every aspect of life. These aspects range from dating, friendships and business.

Serena Williams Speaks on the Ball is in Her Court Campaign

Serena Williams spoke about the campaign, she spoke about how society has taught women to sit back and not speak up. She says that this campaign aspires to flip the story and encourage women to speak up. She says that the campaign will show people women are no longer afraid and will no longer cower. It will show people that women are standing up and the campaign plans to make a lot of noise.

Bumble speaks on the Bumble and Serena Williams Campaign

According to a statement made by Bumble, the tennis stars new role as global advisor is to help reinforce their brand’s mission. The mission is to end misogyny and empower women around the world. The CEO of the Bumble Whitney Wolfe Herd also made a statement about the Bumble and Serena Williams partnership. She expressed her joy to be partnering with the tennis star, she stated that partnering with her has been her dream since the company launched. Wolfe Herd sang her praises, stating that she is one of the most inspiring women in history. She spoke about how great of a role model, mom, entrepreneur and fierce athlete Serena Williams. Wolfe Herd also praised the tennis star’s strength, integrity and kindness, stating she embodies everything Bumble stands for.


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