Budweiser’s Reminds Halloween Partiers to Drink Responsibly with Halloween Mugshots


Halloween parties are mega fun and they can get pretty wild. But like most parties, Halloween partygoers have to remember to drink responsibly to avoid troubles with the law. It’s embarrassing enough having a mugshot taken but imagine having a mugshot taken in a Halloween costume (the horror!!). Well, Budweiser is using Halloween mugshots to remind Halloween partygoers to drink responsibly this holiday season. This campaign is part of the beer brand’s ‘Drink Wiser’ campaign.

Budweiser’s Reminds Halloween Partiers to Drink Responsibly with Halloween Mugshots

About Budweiser’s Halloween Mugshots Campaign

To promote drinking responsibly this holiday season, the beer brand worked with David Miami to create a responsible drinking campaign that taps into the holiday spirit. The beer brand and David Miami worked with real people who have been arrested for irresponsible drinking behaviour on Halloween. They turned these people’s Halloween mugshots into ads to remind people to drink responsibly.  A message which reads “Don’t let Halloween haunt you forever “accompanies the Halloween mugshots. Budweiser is hoping partiers who see the ads will be reminded not to overindulge.

Budweiser’s Reminds Halloween Partiers to Drink Responsibly with Halloween Mugshots

Budweiser’s Halloween ads will run on social media and in digital OOH in New York, Philadelphia and Chicago. The brand is encouraging users who follow @BudweiserUSA on Twitter to turn on notifications to receive real-time reminders to “Drink Wiser” by mixing in some water between rounds. As part of the campaign, they are also giving away a $5 Lyft gift card. This goes towards a safe ride home (in certain cities) to those who purchase Budweiser between Oct. 21 and Nov. 1 on Drizly.

Budweiser Speaks on the Campaign

Budweiser’s vice president of marketing Monica Rustgi spoke about the campaign. She talked about how Halloween is a chance to escape reality by dressing up in costume for the night. According to her, the untold story is that this escapism can go too far when people forget to drink responsibly.  Rustgi states that that’s why they worked with real people who were arrested on Halloween to remind others to drink and act responsibly this holiday. She states “Budweiser’s message is clear: Don’t let Halloween haunt you forever. Hydrate between Buds and Drink Wiser.”

Pancho Cassis, COO of David Miami also spoke about the campaign. He stated that nothing connects better with consumers than real life. And that’s the power of this campaign: real people who ruined their Halloween and their police records because of not drinking wiser.


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