Budweiser Urges People to Appreciate All Kinds of Love during Qixi Festival


Budweiser recently launched a campaign to celebrate Qixi Festival (Chinese Valentine’s Day). This campaign is a digital-first campaign and it was created to urge people to appreciate all kinds of love during the Qixi Festival.

About the Qixi Festival

The Qixi Festival, also known as the Qiqiao Festival is the Chinese Valentine’s Day. It literally means ‘seventh’ day of the seventh lunar month. It celebrates the meeting of two lovers, Zhinv (the weaver girl) and Niulang (the cowboy).  The story states that it was forbidden for them to love and to prevent them from being together, they were cast to opposite sides of the ‘Silver River’. They could only meet once a year on Qixi when a flock of birds would form a bridge between the two.

About Budweiser’s Campaign for Qixi Festival

To celebrate the Festival, Budweiser launched a digital-first campaign. The campaign involved a release of a film, the brand invited various real couples to feature in the film. One of the couples has been in a 15-year-long relationship, another couple has a 21 year age difference between them. Each of the couples featured, tell their stories. The film cover’s the faces of the couples throughout the film and they are only revealed at the very end of the film. By doing this the brand is trying to highlight that what matters is that the two people in the relationship are in love.

As part of the campaign, Budweiser has further created a limited edition set of four beer bottles. The bottles were designed by Norwegian designer Magnus Voll Mathiassen (MWM). Each Budweiser bottle features either a man or a woman on it. When you set two bottles on the table and rotate them, their faces ‘touch’ and it appears like the two figures are kissing.


AB InBev Speak on the Campaign

Rebecca Kuo, AB InBev senior communication director of APAC speak on the campaign. She stated that diversity has always been an important part of Budweiser’s DNA. She talked about how they are excited for the opportunity to encourage people to be their true selves. Kuo stated that the brand hopes that everyone will be able to benefit from each other’s differences and opinions.


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