Budweiser Surprised Dwyane Wade with a Powerful Tribute that Included People’s Lives He Changed for the Better


Dwyane Wade is retiring from basketball and to honour him and his legacy Budweiser recently released a spot. The spot was a tribute to the basketball player, his career and his legacy. The 4-minute spot was created by creative agency VaynerMedia. It features 5 people whose lives were changed for the better by Dwyane Wade. It is a very moving and powerful tribute.

 Budweiser Surprised Dwyane Wade with a Powerful Tribute that Included People’s Lives He Changed for the Better

About the Tribute

The tear-jerking spot is titled “This Bud’s for 3” in reference to Wade’s jersey number. In the spot we see Dwyane Wade being visited by 5 people whose lives he changed for the better.  It includes a woman who lost her brother in the Parkland shooting, a woman whose college tuition he paid for, a woman who Dwyane Wade took on a shopping spree after her house is lost in a fire, a man whose from a poor neighbourhood near Miami who was inspired by the basketball player and Wade’s mother.

Each person is seen to be giving him a piece of memorabilia which is a nod to the jersey swaps Dwyane Wade has been doing with NBA players this year. Each memorabilia is intensely emotionally significant to the person and how the basketballer has helped them. You can watch the full video below.

The video will be shown in its entirety today at American Airlines Arena before the tipoff of Wade’s last home game in Miami. A 90-second version will air on regional network Fox Sports Sun this week.


Dwyane Wade and Budesiwer Speak on the Spot

The beer brands marketing VP Monica Rustgi spoke about the spot. She stated that the brand is honoured to raise a Bud to the Wade to celebrate his legendary NBA career. Rustgi spoke about how the brand takes pride in telling the stories that connect legends to their fans. She stated that even though he is one of the greatest basketball players to play the game. They wanted to show his even-greater impact and legacy off the court.

Wade also spoke about the spot, he talked about how he has had the opportunity to reflect on his basketball career throughout the year. He has also had the opportunity to thank so many teammates, coaches and mentors who have been impactful to him on the court. He then thanked Budweiser for reminding him that his connection to people his bigger than basketball. Wade also stated that though his basketball career is coming to a close his relationship with his fans will continue to grow.


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