Budweiser ReCup Arena: Budweiser Creates Football Pitch from Recycled Plastic Cups


Budweiser created a football pitch which is made entirely from recycled plastic cups. The football pitch is called Budweiser ReCup Arena and is located in Sochi. The Budweiser ReCup Arena was built from plastic cups collected from the Russian 2018 Fifa World Cup. The AbInBev beer brand was the official sponsors of the 2018 Fifa World Cup where France beat Croatia and emerged the winner.

Budweiser ReCup Arena: Budweiser Creates Football Pitch from Recycled Plastic Cups

Budweiser ReCup Arena

Like it said earlier the Budweiser ReCup Arena was built entirely from plastic cups collected from the 2018 Fifa World Cup. They collected over 50,000 cups form the Russian football arenas to build the football pitch. There were over 3.2 million Budweiser Red Light Cups used during the 2018 FIFA World Cup, which sports fans brought home after the event. Budweiser and 2018 FIFA World Cup Local Organising Committee collected and recycled the Red Light Cups that were disposed of.  The 50,000 used cups were recycled and made into a wear-resistant coloured coating for a new 65 x 42 meters pitch. To help celebrate the opening of the Budweiser ReCup Arena, the brand would be inviting local footballs fans Sochi to the “The World Cup RePlay.” This would be the first match to be played on red and white football pitch.

Budweiser’s Commitment to Sustainability

The Budweiser ReCup Arena is part of the beer brand’s commitment to sustainability. They recently made a pledge that, by 2025, every single bottle of beer it brews will be powered with renewable electricity. They plan to add symbols of 100% Renewable Electricity to their Budweiser packaging. These symbols would be added to packaging in the UK and US where they have already fulfilled the pledge.

Budweiser Speak on the Budweiser ReCup Arena

The director of AB InBev Efes, Konstantin Tamirov spoke about the football pitch and the Fifa World Cup. He stated that the Fifa World Cup is a celebration of millions of fans not only in Russia but around the world. He spoke about how the beer brand surprised fans with its activations and gave its fans euphoric emotions. Tamirov explained that the facility was created to specifically to extend the experience. He stated that they hope that the pitch will be a reminder of the past tournament and, probably, will help someone start a promising football career.


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