Budweiser Launches the King’s Stitch Campaign in Nigeria


Budweiser popularly known as the King of Beers recently launched a new campaign titled The King’s Stitch. The campaign is said to be a unique and game-changing campaign which is targeted at the Gen Zs of Nigeria. They are hoping to engage, inspire and celebrate the individuality of the Nigeria Youth. For the campaign Budweiser recently released a spot, the spot featured popular different Nigerian personalities who have successfully challenged the status quo.

About the Budweiser the King’s Stitch Spot

To help promote their latest campaign, the beer brand released a new spot. The spot also acts as a teaser of what is to come from the campaign. The spot is called King Stich, it features different Nigerian personalities who are known to challenge the status quo. With the spot, Budweiser preaches nonconformity and the validity of dreams and ambitions. The spot encourages Nigerian youths to challenge the status quo and choose their own label. It is a very youthful, bouncy and urban spot.

 The King Stich sport features different Nigerian personalities who have refused to conform and have successfully chased and achieved their dreams. It features celebrities like Teni the entertainer, Model Uche Uba, music artist Tomi Thomas, model Adetutu Alabi, style influencer Jenifer Oseh, rapper Ladipoer and media personality Ebuka Obi-Uchendu. Apart from not conforming to the status quo, each celebrity featured in the spot are known to make bold statements with their fashion choices. With the campaign, Budweiser is also throwing its support behind the Nigerian fashion industry.

Video of Budweiser King Stitch

What the King’s Stich Campaign is all About

The King’s Stitch campaign according to Budweiser was borne out of a need to safeguard and inspire Nigerian youths who are often misunderstood. Budweiser wants to inspire and encourage them to be their true selves. They want to help them build confidence, address injustices and inequalities that hold them back. To help achieve this, they have created the King’s Stitch, a platform where the Nigerians can engage and be engaged to showcase their personality. The Consumer Connections Manager, International Breweries, Ms Jumoke Okikiolu spoke about the campaign. She stated that the campaign speaks to young Nigerians who are bold enough to be authentic even when society tries to inhibit them.

By launching this platform, Budweiser is hoping to inspire Nigerian Youths to break from the norm as they channel their creativity into living their best lives. Apart from the spot, Budweiser plans to organize different events which would eventually peak at a Fashion Surprise that would see famous designer work with regular Gen Zs ( the target audience for this campaign). The works created by the designers and the Gen Zs will be showcased in a very exciting and eccentric fashion show.


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