Bud Light Resurrects Bud Knight in Latest Game of Thrones Inspired Ad


Bud Light recently released a new ad during the NCAA Final Four last weekend. The new spot, saw the Bud Knight being resurrected after his fatal demise during the last ad titled ‘The Joust.’ In this spot which is titled ‘The Return’, we see the Bud Knight being resurrected by a wizard. A stunt many speculate hints future partnerships between Bud Light and the hit HBO show Game of Thrones.

Bud Light Resurrects Bud Knight in Latest Game of Thrones Inspired Ad

How Bud Knight Died

During Bud Light’s Super Bowl spot titled ‘Joust’, the valiant knight met his untimely demise. The spot which was created by Bud Light’s creative agency Wieden+ Kennedy, they collaborated with HBO ad Droga 5 to produce the spot. The spot was a huge hit at the Super Bowl. In the spot, we see the mountain kill the valiant knight in a joust.

Bud Knight is Resurrected in the Return Spot

Bud Light’s latest spot which is also created by creative agency Weiden+ Kennedy sees the Bud Light Knight finally resurrected. The new spot steals a page out of HBO’s Game of Thrones book by resurrecting the valiant knight. On the HBO show, Game of Thrones, the show’s protagonist Jon Snow is also resurrected after he was killed by the men of the Nights Watch. Another of the show’s characters also had a similar story arc, the Mountain was also reanimated after he was killed.

In the new spot, we see Bud Light’s King and Wizard work hard as they try to resurrect the valiant knight. The Wizard chants different incarnations, which the King later realizes is just different types of pasta. They then give up and decide to go out to eat some pasta. A few seconds later the knight comes back to life and decides he could also go for Italian. The spot ends with Bud Light stating that Real Legends never die. The spot comes days before the premiere of Game of Thrones final season.

Video of Bud Light: The Return


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