BSG Partners with FRSC on “Don’t Drink and Drive” Campaign


Beer Sectoral Group (BSG) of the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria has partnered with FRSC to launch a campaign. The campaign is a CSR campaign, as BSG aims to continue to ensure safety in the society and promote responsible consumption of alcohol. The campaign is titled “Don’t Drink and Drive” and it aims to create awareness about the dangers of drunk driving.

BSG Partners with FRSC on “Don’t Drink and Drive” Campaign

About BSG and FRSC’s “Don’t Drink and Drive” Campaign

The BSG and FRSC “Don’t Drink and Drive” campaign will start on the 20th of October and will end on January 2020. This campaign will run in Lagos, Rivers State and Federal Capital Territory. According to BSG, these states were chosen based on FRSC traffic offences data.

The campaign will run across various media forms and it will all be aimed at encouraging responsible drinking especially while driving. To promote the message, they will be using social media, radio jingles, billboards, posters and stickers to promote the campaign.

The campaign will also see the distribution of breathalyser around motor parks in the selected states. The Breathalyzer will be used in testing the drivers before and after embarking on a journey. If the driver is tested and it reveals the driver is drunk, FRSC will detain the driver and the vehicle will be impounded.

BSG Speaks on the Campaign

Jordi Borut Bel, the Chairman of BSG and Managing Director of Nigerian Breweries spoke about the campaign. He stated that the campaign addresses a very critical issue and would help prevent constant road accidents. According to Borut Bel, car accidents caused by alcohol consumption is one of the major causes of untimely death globally. Hence, the need for the organization to partner with the government to find a solution.

He talked about how vital FRSC is to the campaign, stating that they will conduct rallies in each state. He stated that they will also adapt and innovate based on the challenges they face during the campaign. Borut Bel also talked about how important breathalysers are to keeping the roads safe from drunk drivers.

FRSC Speaks on the Campaign

Boboye Oyeyemi, the FRSC Corp Marshall spoke about the campaign. He stated that the maximum alcohol level should be  0.5%.  He thanked BSG on the provision of the breathalysers.



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