British Army ‘Snowflake’ Ads Effect on Recruitment


In January the British Army released some ads which were geared towards recruiting Gen Zs. The ads called on “Snowflakes” “me, me, me millennials” and “selfie addicts” to join their ranks. The ads were the centre of a lot of controversy, it received a lot of backlash from people. But according to reports from the Drum, despite the some of the backlash the British Army “Snowflake” ads received. It has a positive effect on recruitment. According to the reports from the Drum, the ad helped drive the biggest recruitment numbers in years.

British Army “Snowflake” Ads Effect on Recruitment

Like it said earlier, according to the Drum, the ads had a very positive effect on their recruitment efforts. The ads helped to bring in the biggest recruitment numbers in years. According to the Drum reports, the first quarter of 2019 is on track to becoming the busiest 3 months period since the British Army outsourced their account to Capita. Capita took over the account seven years ago, this makes 2019’s first quarter, the busiest 3 months for the British Army in the past seven years.

According to figures from Capita, over 1000 more recruits will have signed up to apply versus the same quarter last year by the end of this month. According to the figures, the British Army received 16,000 applications in January. The British Army’s website visits also went up since the launch of the campaign. It went up by 78% with more than 1.5 million people viewing their website. This is said to be a two-fold increase since January 2018.

British Army’s Agency Speaks on the Campaign and the Result

The campaign was created by Karmarama and the planning director at Karmarama Mather Waksman spoke to The Drum about the campaign and its results. He stated that though they may have received a lot of backlash from certain audiences. The posters still helped their recruitment process. According to Waksman the day the ads went up, they got the highest number of registrations that they had in the past 12 months. He explained that through the ads they were able to show that the British Army is very progressive.


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