Branded Content Ads: Instagram Launches New Tool That Lets Brands Boost Influencer Post like Ads


Instagram recently announced that it will be launching a new tool. The tool which is called Branded Content Ads, lets advertisers pay to make influencer posts appear as ads. This tool will allow brands to reach a bigger audience while also reaching their target audience through their influencers.

Branded Content Ads: Instagram Launches New Tool That Lets Brands Boost Influencer Post like Ads

Branded Content Ads: What You Need to Know about Instagram’s Latest Tool

Before the launch of the branded content ads, brands who paid influencers to post sponsored videos or images on their Instagram profiles had their reach only limited to that particular influencer’s following on the platform. This really limited the brand’s reach and many businesses were very unhappy with the setup. According to Instagram, the addition of this tool was a major request it received from businesses and brands.

With Branded Content Ads,  posts uploaded by creators using Instagram’s ‘paid partnership’ tool (which signposts when content has been paid for) will also have a toggle that says ‘allow my business partner to boost’.  Once this toggle is enabled, the business partner or brand will be able to appear in the feeds and Stories of a wider audience.

The brand will be able to reach audiences that don’t even follow the social media star. With the launch of Branded Content Ads, brands and creators can now increase the reach of paid for posts. They can target them towards relevant audiences in a climate where brands are increasingly upping influencer budgets. What this tool means for Instagram users is that they will be seeing more #sponcon in their feeds, which could be a turn-off.

According to Instagram, the Branded content ads will be available to 50% of businesses from today and 100% from 17 June.

Instagram Speaks on Branded Content Ads

According to Instagram, they are hoping the new tool will add value by strengthening the collaboration between businesses and creators. They also hope to improve the experience between creators, businesses and people.


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