Branded Content Ads: Instagram is Working on a New Ad Format for Branded Content


Instagram recently announced that it will be working on a new ad format for branded content. The new format is called Branded Content Ads. Brand content ads are to help better enable brands and influencers partner up in a way that’s more beneficial financially and a way that’s more transparent. Brand content ads will let brands sponsor content created by their influencers. The brands will be able to promote the content created by their influencers as they would their own ad efforts.

What Branded Content Ads is all about and How it will Work

Before the development of this format, brands would hire influencers to work on a campaign and promote products with branded content. The disadvantage to the old format was that it would have only reached followers of the influencers. With the branded content ads, brands can now promote the influencers posts as they would promote any other ad. Branded content ads will streamline and formalize the brand and influencer interaction. It will enable the brands to maximize the value of their influencer marketing campaign.

The new format will become an extension of Instagram’s existing branded content tagging system. With the new format, the “Paid Partnership” tags, the brand will also now be able to extend their promotions of the same post. According to Ashley Yuki an Instagram product management lead, they have been testing the branded content ads since last year. She stated that brands are seeing the new format help overcome challenges they have with organic branded content. She also stated that they are exploring ways to amplify branded content.

Instgram Makes Other Announcements

The reveal of the new format branded content ads was made at a breakfast Tuesday for brands and influencers who have built mass and niche followings on the platform. At the breakfast, Instagram outlined its coming Creator Profiles. Some people have already started to preview. At the event, reps from Johnson & Johnson, Peloton and Bombas discussed the needs of the advertising community. They spoke about some needs like accurate measurements to help gauge the results of partnering with creators.

At the event, Instagram also noted that it will continue to ramp up its push to remove inauthentic activity. They stated that they will be removing inauthentic activity like including purchased followers and likes. Instagram plans to do all this to clean-up its platform and improve the integrity of its metrics.


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