Brand Image: Why Your Brand’s Image Matters


Whether your business is small, medium or large sized, your brand’s image is very important. Having the right brand image is a great way to make your brand stand out from its competitors. It is way more than your logo, products and website. It is more like the way your consumers perceive your brand and what it stands for. Most small businesses don’t pay attention to their brand’s image, they usually focus on their offerings. On this post, we would talk about brand image and why it matters to the success of your brand.

Brand Image: Why Your Brand’s Image Matters

What is Brand Image?

Your Brand Image is basically the way your customers and potential customer perceive your company. It is the impression in a customer or potential customers minds when they see your brand. As a brand, you can shape your public perception through the right marketing and advertising. As a brand, it is important you have the right image because if your brand is associated with negative feelings, it will affect how successful your brand is. Next, we are going to discuss why it matters.

Why Brand Image Matters

Brand image is important because perception is everything. According to studies consumers don’t just buy a certain product, they are buying a general perception. They are buying into the brand’s values and what they stand for. Consumers will buy a certain product over another one because they are buying a certain status, prestige and some perceived benefits that are associated with the brand. For instance, Nike’s Colin Kaepernick campaign had people who supported Colin Kaepernick cause rush to support and buy the brands products after the campaign. But consumers who were against his cause rushed to criticize the brand and some went as far as swearing off their products.

Consumers tend to support brands who they believe have the same values that they do. A positive image will help to boost your bottom line and can lead to financial growth. Brand image can be the major difference between brand success and failure.



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