Brand Health: 5 Questions You Should Ask When Evaluating your Brand’s Health


A lot of business spring up every day making the market very competitive. As much as we will love to think that your idea or product is the only factor that  affects your success rate, that’s simply isn’t the case.  A major factor that affects the success of your business is your brand. Your brand is your business’s distinct voice, its what set you apart from your competitors. Your brand effectively communicates your message and helps you connect with your target audience. It is what makes a compelling argument for your product, service or business. Knowing how important your brand image is to the success of your business, it is important to nurture you brand health. It is important to evaluate your brand health regularly to ensure you strengths shine and that you improve your weakness. This post is going to discuss some questions you should ask yourself when you areevaluating your brand’s health.

Brand Health: 5  Questions You Should Ask When Evaluating your Brand’s Health

Do You Know Who You Are?

When you are evaluating your brand health, it is important you determine if your brand has a voice or personality and if it does, are your team and customers aware. Like it was mentioned earlier, a brand is your distinct voice and what makes your business stand out. If you imagine your brand and other brands in your industry as people with personalities. Compare each “person”, does your “person” stand out or is bland and average. If the “person” has a personality, does the personality match your brand’s values, vision and mission? These are important things you need to consider when evaluate your brand health.

Does Your Brand Clearly Communicate Your Reason for Being?

Once you have understood who you are as a brand or “person” ,the next step to evaluating your brand health is finding out if you haveclearly communicated who you are. You need to find out if your customers,employees, management’s impression of brand is similar to your set brand image.Also you need to determine if your business everyday activities are run tosupport your brand image.

Do You Have Clearly Defined Target Audiences?

Another important thing to consider when you are evaluating your brand health is defining who your target audience is. Every business and brand needs to know who their target audience is, it is an important building block when building a marketing strategy, campaign or your brand image. Without a clear definition of who your target audience is, you won’t be able to be able to adequately communicate your brand purpose and image.  Your brand might stand the risk of being a bland brand that doesn’t exactly appeal to anyone.

Does Your Brand Assets Represent Your Current Brand Positioning?

Assessing all your brand assets is another thing you have to do when evaluating your brand health. Does your name, tagline, logo, marketing, messaging, website etc. match up to the brand image you are portraying? If it doesn’t match up, then it is time to rebrand.

Are You Distinguishable From Competing Brands?

To evaluate your brand health, it is important to determine if your brand is easily distinguishable for other competitors.  Does your brand stand out? what is unique about your brand when compared to other competitors? It is important that when you compare your brand with your competitor, you come out on top and have a distinct voice.

Your brand is your distinct voice, it is vital you take time to evaluate it and strengthen areas of weakness because it is a major factor that determines how successful your brand will be.


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