Bolt Nigeria Clears the Air: Bolt Was Not Hacked


Following multiple reports that they have been hacked, Bolt Nigeria tries to do some damage control by clearing the air. On Wednesday many Bolt Nigeria users went on social media to report that they were being debited multiple times from transactions from as far back of a week ago. After multiple reports complaining about the same issue, rumours started to go around. Many stated that the cab-hailing app had been hacked and that users card information and bank accounts had been compromised.

Bolt Nigeria Clears the Air: Bolt Was Not Hacked

People were asked to remove their debit and credit cards from the Bolt Nigeria platform. Many of the app’s users removed their cards from the platform. Bolt Nigeria released an initial statement addressing the issue. They released the statement through their official Twitter Page. They acknowledged the issue and stated that they had now been hacked. Bolt Nigeria also expressed their intention to help affected users and stated that the issue will be resolved. The statement must not have been very effective because they have had to clear the air again.

Bolt Nigeria Clears the Air: Bolt Was Not Hacked

To clear the air about the recent issue, the cab-hailing app sent an email to all its users. The email was titled “Your Credit Card is Safe with Bolt (Taxify). In the email, they stated that they were not hacked. It went on to explain what really happened. According to them, there was a technical issue with their payment partner. They also explained that they don’t store credit card information on their platform.

Bolt made it very clear that user’s cards are safe on their platform. They then apologized for any distress they may have caused their users. Bolt Nigeria also described the way users can add their cards back to the platform and encouraged users to reach out to them if they were negatively affected.

Users that are affected can reach out to them at with their bank statements.

Apart from the email sent to users, they also confirmed to us via a tweet that they were not hacked and they directed us to a blog post addressing the issue.



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