Bleed for the Throne Event: HBO to Host an Immersive Event with Giant Spoon


HBO and Giant spoon recently announced that they will be hosting an Immersive Event for Game of Thrones. The event which is called “Bleed for the Throne” is part of HBO’s ongoing “For the Throne “campaign. Last year HBO and Giant spoon held another immersive event for its equally popular series Westworld. The SXSW was a huge hit among fans and attendees of the event. HBO and Giant Spoon has decided to replicate the magic with it Bleed for the Throne SXSW event.

Bleed for the Throne Event: HBO to Host an Immersive Event with Giant Spoon

About the Bleed for the Throne SXSW Event

The “Bleed for the Throne” event is an immersive experience that gives fans of Game of Thrones a chance to experience the fictional world of Westeros. The Bleed for the Throne campaign is to help promote the shows final season which is set to premiere on the 14th of April.  HBO and SXSW also partnered with the American Red Cross. They will be asking attendees “will you bleed for the throne?” At the “the Bleed for the Throne” event, fans will be encouraged to donate blood to the Red Cross. The event would last for 4 days, it would hold from the 7th of March to the 10th of March at the Fair Market in Austin.

Attendees of the “Bleed for the Throne” event will get the opportunity to step into the otherworldly kingdoms of Westeros. At the event, fans can interact with key plotlines from the Game of Thrones series. They will get the opportunity to walk in the shoes of those who bled in the past seasons. Not a lot of information has been revealed at what the event will entail. But if it is similar to last year’s Westworld event then it will have hired actors, elaborate costumes and call-outs from the show.

HBO and the American Red Cross Speak on the Bleed for the Throne Event

Zach Enterlin the EVP for the program at HBO spoke about the event. He expressed how excited the HBO team is to mobilize the global army of Game of Thrones fans to make a positive impact on the world. He spoke about how they are creating a unique platform to engage their passionate fan base and showcase their fans bravery and valour as they bleed for the throne

 Cliff Numark the SVP at the American Red Cross, spoke about how thousands of patients across the country are dependent on the voluntary blood donors. He stated that winter is finally here and there’s a dire need for the blood. He ended his statement by stating that no matter who you rooting for to take the throne, you can be a hero to the patients in need of the blood.

HBO’s “For the Throne” campaign for Game of Thrones final season is expected to include more social stunts, activations and brand partnerships going forward.


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