#Beatthedistance: GTB Launches New CSR Campaign to Help Improved Education in Rural Communities


GTB recently launched a new CSR campaign/ initiative that’s to help improve education in rural communities. The bank is trying to improve education in rural communities by improving access to education in rural areas. The CSR campaign is called #Beatthedistance and it aims to ease the difficulties kids in rural communities face going and coming back to school.

#Beatthedistance: GTB Launches New CSR Campaign to Help Improved Education in Rural Communities

About the #Beatthedistance CSR Campaign

The #Beatthedistance campaign will see GTB providing students in rural or remote areas in the country with bicycles. The bicycles will help to reduce the time and energy kids spend going and coming back from school. This they hope will help to boost attendance and focus on academics. According to GTB, the physical act of trying to get to school is one of the biggest barriers to education for millions of Nigeria kids in rural areas. Some of these kids have to work 10kilometeres to get to school. Covering the distance plus the responsibility of doing chores in the morning and after school, severely affects school attendance rate. It also affects the student’s academic performance and increases the dropout rate.

GTB believes by giving these kids the bicycles they are empowering them to beat the distance not just to school but between their present realities and immense potential. Jerry Hannatu is a student of Government Technical Training School, Jalingo. He is one of the first beneficiaries of the #Beatthedistace campaign. With the bicycle, he has cut his travel time from 180 mins to about 40 mins. Through the #Beatthedistance campaign Jerry and other participants can spend less time going to school. Which will help to improve their academic performance and help them attain skills and knowledge that will allow them to reach their full potential. The CSR campaign was launched to coincide with Children’s day.

GTBank Cares: #BeatTheDistance

GTB Speaks on the #Beatthedistance Campaign

The Managing Director and Chief Executive officer of GTB Segun Agbaje spoke about the campaign. He talked about how children are their greatest hope for a better future and how it is our duty to ensure every child has access to quality education. Agbaje stated that this opportunity should be given to every child regardless of their socioeconomic background or geographic location. He then talked about how they are passionate about empowering young people to reach their full potential. The campaign reflects its commitment to building a society where distance is no longer a barrier to education for any child and in every community.

Agbaje promised that the bank will continue to leverage their unique capabilities and broad networks to help people and communities thrive.


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