Avengers: Endgame Review


Welcome to Sekere’s Podcast, On this episode, the Sekere Team and our guests will be sharing their opinions on Avengers: Endgame.


Christiana: Welcome to Sekere News podcast, my name is Christiana and I’ll be your host for today. My guests today are Imoh and Tolu and they are both movie lovers. On today’s podcast will be reviewing Avengers Endgame. This is Marvels final Avengers movie, the movie is the sequel to Avengers Infinity War.

Christiana: It follows what happens after the infamous Thanos snap and we see the Avengers try to get everybody back and defeat Thanos. Let’s hear from our guests to see what they thought about the movie…. Imoh

Imoh: Hi…Good afternoon. Thanks for having me.

Christiana: You’re welcome.

Imoh: So the Marvel Avenger… It was an incredible action movie with special effects. It was everything you hope for and everything you wanted… it was time well spent and I had the chance, I’ll definitely see it again….No, I have to definitely see it again.

Christiana: Okay. All right. Thank you…. Tolu

Tolu:  I think I agree with Imoh… the movie was amazing!!!!! (Special effects)….I really love the movie. It was intriguing, it was exciting, it was Innovative, it was creative, it was colorful…think of anything…you could actually think of…it was that.

Tolu:  I think they did a great job at this and it was worth our time.

Christiana: All right. Thank you

Christiana: For me… the movie was definitely as awesome as Tolu and Imoh have said… it was definitely an epic movie. It’s something that would definitely go down in movie history as the ultimate superhero movie. I think our children would probably be talking about see from generations to come. This would be a reference point for how to do superhero movies.

Christiana: It was a very satisfying or fitting farewell to the original Avengers characters. It was very satisfying, it was humorous, it definitely paid homage to the whole Marvel franchise and it was very nostalgic. It was humorous. Like I said, very humorous especially the scenes with Thor… I don’t know… I don’t know it was as humorous as other Marvel movies… Tolu… Imoh… What do you guys think?

Imoh: It’s like their go-to theme team to add humour and comedy to everything. Right from Thor Ragnorok, even when Thor lost his dad, they kept up with their humour and comic relief throughout…. So you don’t really experience this hard reality checks that come in during the movie, they just find a way to give you a soft landing. It’s their go-to thing. They put it out there once again. It was right on the mark.

Christiana: Yes, unlike DC… When you compare DC to Marvel.

Imoh: DC is more of like Gloomy, action, doomsday, destruction and all that.

Christiana: Yeah, so I think Marvel… it was humorous….I don’t know if it was as humorous as other ones but it was definitely very humorous.

Tolu: Sure it was

Christiana: Tolu…

Tolu:  I agree with you both, it was humorous especially for Bruce’s part Thor. Both of them killed it for me… Thor being the melted ice cream looking like the melted ice cream and also Bruce always trying to make fun out of every situation. So of course, it was…

Christiana:  Yes. Another thing I liked was the battle sequence especially the final battle… I think that was epic. It was one of the most epic battle scenes I’ve ever seen.

Christiana:  I thought… I think Marvel keeps getting better and better with their battle scenes. With Captain America Civil War,  the two teams fighting. I thought I was like… Wow!…. the maddest superhero battle scene I had ever seen. Then with Avengers Infinity when they were fighting with Thanos I was like… Wow! This is mind-blowing and finally, they top it off again with it…. It was great….

Christiana:  I’m really sorry for this small spoiler. But when Captain America was using and Thor’s original Hammer….the…(what do they call it)

Imoh: Mjolnir

Christiana: Yeah the Mjolnir…it was… it was just mind-blowing… everybody in the cinema…they were just laughing, clapping and it was really good.

Imoh: It was epic.

Christiana: It was definitely very epic… It was… Wow! Thinking about it now I am already excited again… if you watch that scene, you will just get giddy… It was definitely a badass scene. Another thing I liked about the fight scene was Captain Marvel and Thanos when they finally got to fight.

Imoh: When she stopped him from snapping.

Christiana:  Yes. It was….Wow. That was also not that good one. Then I liked the… you know… the little shout out to girl power… when Captain Marvel was with It

Tolu: Yesssss!!!

Imoh: Yeah yeah yeah

Tolu: That was really really good.

Christiana: The boys in the house would not get it but we girls would understand.

Imoh: It seems like they dedicated a couple of minutes just to showcase that…Well

Christiana: Yes

Tolu: Yeah trying to pass a message. I think which everyone got…

Christiana: And they did…which was nice.

Tolu:  and the exciting part for me… I literally had Goose pimples all over my body. I wanted to stand and clap was when Dr Strange introduced everyone else… the warriors, T’challa and all

Christiana: Yes!!!

Tolu: It was amazing.

Christiana: Yes, Yes… I am even getting chills thinking about it no.

Tolu: It was off the hook… That scene alone I would see it over and over again. So yes, and I’d also like to add another part that really got to me was the part of Thor when he saw his mom.

Tolu: That’s the role of a mother can’t be overemphasized when she spoke to him and he actually decided at that particular point in time. I think he just needed that pep talk from his mom. She believing in him and he can do it again and all of that. I think that just place them in the right path. So I think those were exciting scenes for me.

Christiana: Okay then so let me just ask a couple of questions… which character really stood out for you because there were so many characters… which character really or two or three characters or a character that really stood out for you.

Imoh: For me, I would say Thor and the Hulk… You know Hulk became more refined… He found the perfect balance between monstrous Hulk and Dr Banner. He became more refined, would I say he became a public icon.. when they wanted to take selfies with him. When they went back in the past and they saw the old Hulk smashing

Christiana: Smashing was just thinking about it

Imoh: He also tried to mimic that again doing the little destruction, here and there… Yeah… It was really cool… that was my character…

Christiana: Alright Tolu,

Tolu: For me. The characters that stood out. I’ll say that…Thor…I would never think that I will see the side of Thor… I had always seen Thor as a very strong, determined confident,  all six packs and everything but it also showed us that no matter how strong and confident and everything a man is… life can also beat you down. And at the same time, you can get yourself back together with the help of your loved ones around you. So yes, I love that side of Thor.

Tolu:  Then asides Thor, there’s something about Dr Strange. I really can’t explain. I love him. I really love him. I can’t explain why or why he stands out for me in this movie, but I just love him and there’s just this thing about him. And so those are like the two characters that stood out for me. I could mention… I could go on and mention others but since its two I think I’ll stick with those two.


Christiana: Okay for me… Thor…So like everyone said his character Arc from becoming who he was, falling down… He was w the brunt of a lot of Jokes which made it very lively and I’m going to say a very minor character that stood out for me… Tony Stark’s daughter. I really like her…. She was precious…. She was just precious.

Tolu: She was super adorable

Christiana:  I loved her. I would love to hope that she will become Iron cause I think she would definitely have the personality… something I would definitely want to watch. I know… she was adorable, I love her …so those are the characters that stood out for me… So what about your favourite scene different?

Imoh: Ermmm…. Favourite Scene, it was definitely when Captain America, Iron Man and Thor ganged up on Thanos and he kicked their ass… literally… Yeah, that would be it for me…. I love the battle sequence and how it played out. It was more of very serious combat and Thanos showed himself.

Imoh: Though Thanos is a villain and all… but… mehn… You have to like Thanos

Christiana: He tried… he did well

Imoh: That was my scene that was it for me.

Christiana: Tolu

Tolu: Like I mentioned earlier my favourite scene was when Dr Strange brought in everyone the warriors… it’s a whole lot for me because it shows a lot in unity… then their entrance through the… what is it called… I don’t know… circular.

Imoh: Dimensions

Tolu: Through the dimensions… that was my favourite scene even before they started… the entrance and how the camera took us through all of them, each and every one of them bringing back memories like… oh my God… oh my God that T’challa…oh my God that’s…

Imoh: Of Course Black Panther was repping

Tolu: Of course, so that was that was my favourite scene.

Christiana: Wow for me. Now. I’m confused. I really liked the battle scene… then the way Tolu is reminding me about how they came in… It was exciting and it was such a proud moments. To just see them come in especially since we all thought they were dead. It was very emotional and the fight scene. I’m sorry Captain America holding Thor’s Hammer. That was just too epic. The way he struck the Thunder and everything… It was mind-blowing…

Imoh: He turned to God of Thunder

Christiana: I am telling you.

Tolu: And the part he was like…you know what, this is lighter… take this…

Christiana: Yes! It was good

Tolu: I love that part.

Christiana: So what about the most emotional scene? Because there were some emotional moments.

Imoh: Definitely when Iron man passed on…

Tolu: Of course…

Christiana: Yes it was very sad especially since he did not really want to go at that a particular time and he had a family…. So

Imoh: He took the responsibility and he did it for all of us.

Tolu: Yeah… When they were… I don’t know what it is called…Like the playback video that he made after he died and I saw his daughter when you said I love you 3,000. It really got to me.

Christiana: It touched me.

Tolu: It was… that’s like my most emotional scene.

Christiana Okay, so obviously you’re all talking about how much we love the movie. There are some scenes we did not… like me… there are something’s you know… Some questions, I have, something’s that might have been a low point for me. Maybe loopholes that kind of thing. Do you have anything similar or any thoughts?

Imoh: I Think I have a couple of them.

Christiana: Okay…

Imoh: The whole time travelling thing and how they set their own rules.

Christiana: Thank you.

Imoh: It’s different from what we’ve seen… we may not know all the theories but from movies we’ve seen… they have been consistent and all and let’s stick with that… don’t write a new script for us just to fit your narrative.

Christiana: Yes

Imoh: Then secondly with the gauntlet Iron man made….We all know how Thanos went to dwarf Kingdom to get the dying star. He made them create a gauntlet that could harness the powers of all the stones but here is Iron Man with tech and all that… now with technology from Wakanda, he is creating a new gauntlet. I really don’t see how they compare or how were they able to level up to harness the stones and withstand the effect of the snap because they used it about two times. Okay, just once, when Hulk tried it on and Thanos tried again. I felt it…

Christiana:  And Iron Man.

Imoh: You know Iron Man had his own gauntlet already.

Christiana:  Oh, yes, yes

Imoh: So actually they made two gauntlets now… It’s now like the gauntlet is something…

Christiana: that anybody can use it?

Imoh: Anyone can make and anyone can use… So that’s a little glitch for me but besides that I enjoyed it.

Tolu: Okay for me, I agree we Imoh when it comes to time travelling. Physics and what we know basically when you time travel, you try not to do anything funny so it doesn’t alter or change things in the present or in the future. So if they could have changed certain things how come it didn’t affect the future or the present. So I really didn’t buy into that working especially for Captain America if he could do that in certain things should have changed about certain people because that’s that singular decision would have influenced certain things.

Tolu: He wouldn’t have met certain people. He isn’t even supposed to remember or know them at old age because you wouldn’t have met with them and have a personal one-on-one relationship with them. I think you went back to the time before he even took the serum

Christiana: Because he was able to age…

Tolu: Exactly … So some things I don’t really buy into..but besides that… it was an amazing movie.

Christiana; Well my problems with the movie first of all Captain Marvel… the way they put her was like she was going to be a major person, character in a movie and she wasn’t…so she played a very small role but I can understand why they did that because it was all about the original character saying goodbye to them. So I’ll leave that.

Christiana: Another thing. I was kind of disappointed I didn’t see Loki. I know he died in the other movie, but I felt that the way he died… they didn’t pay like…. the way Iron Man passed on and everything. It was very significant. They didn’t pay homage to him in the way that he died.

Tolu: I will disagree with you there… we wouldn’t pay homage to Loki? You can’t… I think it’s really an insult on Iron Man to compare Iron mand and Loki.

Christiana: But he is a major character…

Imoh: He is a major character.

Christiana: Not on the same level but he is

Imoh: Several times he switched sides fighting for good and all that.

Christiana: Yes… They should have done more

Imoh: Yeah… They should have done more for Loki

Tolu: Oh well! I still disagree with Loki’s

Christiana: But I feel that this would not be the last time we would see him. I hear that they might be a Loki movie. Maybe that’s why we didn’t get to see him.

Tolu: Exactly

Christiana: And things like that

Tolu: We would get to understand things better.

Christiana: Yes, then another thing I did not… another question was Hulk and Black Widow had a relationship previous to this thing and they did not tell us why they broke up or if they really… they didn’t say anything… it was just…. obviously, I know he became the Hulk…. That would have obviously stopped the relationship one way or the other. They didn’t explain to us or anything…they didn’t… Did he still love, did they move or did they decide to be friends…what happened… I know it’s not love..romantic movie but still we deserve to know that…

Christiana:  then the time travelling thing like everybody has said, they were too many loopholes. Now that look he Loki took the time soon at that point in time. What is going to happen? Is he going…Where is he now? So he did not die if he did not die… there are like so many things that… and like Tolu said the Captain America thing he went back in time. He stayed there…what’s going to happen. I don’t know. So those were the bad parts for me when it came to the movie.

Christiana: I think we’re done with everything… if you are going to rate the movie…If you were going to rate the movie what would you rate it.

Imoh: I will give it a solid 8.5.

Tolu: I will give it solid, I’m sure 9.5. I loved it.

Christiana:  I’ll give you it… so I am going to be the one in between… 9…It was great. Just a loopholes. I wish they answered some of my questions but apart from that it was a great movie, very entertaining, epic, satisfying and it was great. So does anyone have anything to add?

Imoh: We have seen the end of an era, the end of The Avengers and it’s been an awesome journey which we have all witnessed the conclusion of the movie. So I am looking forward to what comes next and every other thing they have… and definitely its Marvel, they will kick ass… sorry… I am excited…

Christiana: Okay, sorry I just want to… Imoh made me think about… Did the movie get you excited about future Marvel movies?

Tolu: Of course sure…It did….

Christiana: I don’t know how they are going to top Avengers. I don’t know o! but they would…

Tolu: Then another part….I noticed where I think I’ve heard and there are a lot of theories when I’m Stark died and everyone was around, present at this porch. I think in front of his house trying to pay homage… There was this particular guy…I don’t know if it was a guy or girl that the camera was on and theories have said that the person is going to be the next Iron Man. I really do not know what you think but it will be exciting to see but can anyone really take the role of Iron Man like Tony Stark did? Oh, well our fingers are crossed… so I am excited to see what Marvel has up their sleeves.

Christiana: All right. Thank you guys very much for coming… Imoh and Tolu…We thank our listeners for also listening… if you agree with the review or you disagree or you have any insights or comments you like to share. Please leave a comment below. We are very eager to hear from you. Thank you.


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