Audi Taps 72andsunny for Global Campaign


Audi recently announced that it has tapped 72andSunny for a global campaign. The campaign will see 72andSunny redefining Audi’s Vorsprung durch Technik​” marketing slogan. Audi’s Vorsprung durch translates to “progress through technology”. The tagline was first used by Audi in 1971. The creative agency will help redefine the famous tagline to go beyond being solely about what is technically possible, but on focusing even more on what customers want.

Even though 72andsunny has been tapped for the campaign, Audi will be expected to continue working with Venables Bell & Partners in the U.S. According to Audi of America Venables Bell & Partners will remain the creative agency of record in the U.S.

About the 72andsunny and Audi’s Partnership

According to reports, the project will be handled by the agency’s Amsterdam office. The New York, Los Angeles, Sydney and Singapore offices will support the Amsterdam offices. The 72andsunny campaign is slated to roll out in 2020. The Audi of America representative noted that “while global creative will be run out of Amsterdam office, the New York office of 72andSunny will be vital to ensuring U.S. consumer insights are integrated into global content work.”

According to Audi, the Amsterdam-based agency will be redefining its famous tagline. The campaign will reveal how the slogan has been “infused with new life,” it said.

Audi Speaks about the Campaign

Sven Schuwirth, head of brand Audi, digital business and customer experience spoke about the campaign. According to him, the global campaign will seek to “recharge the Audi brand emotionally,”.  He talked about how Vorsprung is globally becoming more and more a question of perspective, of an inner attitude. He stated “We have been driving this project forward in an agile network with colleagues from all over the world. 72andSunny is the ideal agency for us to make these goals tangible in a major brand campaign.”


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