Arewa24 Launches New Streaming Service in Nigeria


Arewa24 the northern Nigerian language channel recently made a big announcement. They recently announced the launch of a new global subscription video-on-demand and OTT streaming service. The streaming service will be called Arewa24On Demand.

Arewa24 Launches New Streaming Service in Nigeria

About Arewa24On Demand

According to the Northern Nigerian language channel Arewa24, the new services can be described as the “Netflix for Hausa content”. This means that it encompasses all genres of this global service, including drama, music, sports, etc. There will be no advertising and users will get unlimited access for $4.99 per month and $48 per year. The streaming service has already been launched; it was launched quietly in late October. It is available on the Arewa24 website.  iOS and Android apps are also already available. According to Google Play reports, there have already been more than 500,000 downloads of the app. It will also be available on Roku and Amazon Prime and overtime via several other platforms.

Arewa24 Speaks on Its New Streaming Service

Jacob Arback CEO of Arewa24 spoke about its new streaming service. According to him, the idea of launching a VoD and OTT streaming service has long been part of Arewa’s strategic roadmap. Arback explained that the channel’s goal was to bring Hausa speakers together on a television platform in the north and then expand to the rest of Nigeria. He says that they were expecting a critical mass of library content with the quality standards needed to cope with international competition.

Arback explained that their strategy is to upload the content free on YouTube with a transition message saying that users will need to move over to the new channels. They want to start with early adopter fans in Saudi Arabia, Sudan, the USA and Europe. He sees the service as a way of avoiding having an expensive satellite service to reach these diaspora fans.


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