Are Charismatic People More Likely to Succeed?


Have you ever noticed that most successful people in business and leadership are often described as “charismatic”? Charismatic people seem to always be at the helm of leadership. Their natural charm has a way of drawing people and convincing them to follow them. Charismatic people have a certain type of magic that gives them influence over people. Their voice, body language, the behavior has a way of drawing people in and giving them power over people. It’s no surprise that all the major movements, transformations, and revolutions in history have been led by very charismatic people. Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, and Barack Obama are a few examples.

Are Charismatic People More Likely to Succeed?

Seeing this trend can lead people to ask different questions about Charisma and its effect on the ability of an individual to succeed. People would ask, are people naturally born with charisma destined to succeed in life, while other people who are not “charismatic” doomed to second place? Is there a way to become charismatic?

Well if you are one of such people with questions like this, you should definitely watch this eye-opening TED Talk. The TED Talk is by  John Antonakis and he shares the insights he’s learned from many years of studying charisma.



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