Are Cannes Lions Grand Prix-Winning Ads Effective?


Cannes Lions 2019 Festival is currently running and the jury has been awarding brands and agencies with various awards. Winning a Grand Prix Lion at the Cannes Lions Festival is the highest honour form of recognition at the festival. Many creatives in the industry see winning this award as one of the greatest achievements in the industry. There are many creatives who strive to receive the win this award. As a creative in the industry have you ever wondered how effective Grand Prix winning ads are?

Are Cannes Lions Grand Prix-Winning Ads Effective?

Well, Adweek recently published an article on how effective these ads are. There was a study conducted to determine if they are effective. The study was carried out by a predictive marketing firm System 1 in London. On this post, we will be sharing some experts from the articles.

Experts from AdWeek’s Article Are Cannes Lions Grand Prix-winning Ads Effective? A Study Says No Unless It’s a Tide Ad.

Predictive marketing firm System1 in London tested 75 Grand Prix and Gold Cannes Lions winners in the Film category from 2010 to 2018. Using a scale of one to five, the methodology, validated by the IPA in the U.K., measures emotional response to every ad on TV in major categories to predict likely effectiveness. The ratings also predict long-term brand growth.

“By testing these brilliantly creative ads, we wanted to show marketers and creatives that they have nothing to fear from ad testing,” said John Kearon, CEO of System1. “When you take emotion as your main measure, testing becomes more accurate and far better at spotting great creativity. But we also found a disconnect between juries’ critical response and people’s emotional response at the very highest level of the Cannes Lions event.”

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