Apple Reminds Us Not to Mess with Mother Earth with New Ad for Earth Day


In honour of Earth Day which is coming up on  April 22nd, Apple recently released a spot titled “Don’t Mess with Mother”. The ad created in honour of Earth Day celebrates the intensity, colour, action and vibrancy of the world. Just like Apple’s “Shot on iPhone” campaigns, the spot was shot by an iPhone.

Apple Reminds Us Not to Mess with Mother Earth with New Ad for Earth Day

The Making of Apple’s Don’t Mess with Mother Spot for Earth Day

The spot was shot entirely on the iPhone XS, it had a disclaimer that stated that additional hardware and software was used to shoot it. Apple’s don’t mess with mother spot for Earth Day was created by filmmakers from the Camp4 Collective.  They are the team behind Meru, a 2015 Sundance-winning documentary about a dangerous ascent up Meru Peak in the Himalayas. The spot’s soundtrack was set to Megadeth’s 1984 track “Last Rites,” the whole ad includes footage from nine countries.

According to the brand, the spot reflects its commitment to environmental initiatives. Some of such initiatives include powering its facilities with 100% renewable energy and using its Daisy robot to disassemble and re-use discarded devices.

About Apple’s Don’t Mess with Mother Spot

The spot starts with colourful images of animals like owls, seals, reef fish, and elephants before a cascading avalanche set a seriously edgy tone. As the soundtrack goes up, the action in the video ramps up. We see snakes rattle, alligators hunt, lightning striking, volcanoes exploding and horses nearly trample the viewer. It is a very action-packed, edgy and a fast-paced spot. The viewers will feel like it is reaching out to grab them. The spot reminds humans to respect the planet by showing us the sheer power of Mother Nature. The spot shows up close how beautiful, unexpected and powerful Mother Earth can really be.

Video of Don’t mess with Mother by Apple


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