APCON, LASAA, OAAN Condemn Indecent Transit Advertisement in Lagos


Recently in Lagos, there was a mobile truck which was seen around Lekki/Ikoyi toll gate coveying a group of semi-nude girls. It was stated that the display was created to advertise a product. For now, there are no reports on which brand was responsible for the display. There were also speculations that the display may have been for a music video. The display was recorded and went viral on social media. The video has received a lot of backlash, with many calling the display offensive and indecent.

APCON, LASAA, OAAN Condemn Indecent Transit Advertisement in Lagos

Many have looked on to Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria (APCON) to make a statement about the display. APCON and other agencies which include Lagos State Signage & Advertisement Agency (LASAA) and Outdoor Advertising Association of Nigeria (OAAN) have finally made a statement about the display. They have all condemned the display calling it offensive and repulsive.

APCON Makes a Statement Condemning Indecent Transit Advertisement in Lagos

APCON released a statement about the indecent display through the Acting Registrar/Chief Executive Officer, Mrs Ijedi Iyoha. In the statement, she stated that APCON strongly condemns the advertisement which is grossly indecent and disrespectful to Nigeria’s culture. Iyoha stated that the ad was created with little or no sense of social responsibility.  She explained that the display violates the common principles of decency promoted in the Code of ethics of advertising practice and unnecessarily exploited and depicted unwholesome sexual behaviours.

Iyoha explained that they are looking into the agencies and/ or brands responsible for the ad. She explained that APCON would be working with other relevant government agencies and advertising stakeholders to ensure that the rule of law is applied and to further ensure that such and similar abhorrent forms of advertisements are avoided in future. She also explained APCON’s commitment to ensuring that all advertising in Nigeria is legal, decent, honest, truthful, respectful and mindful of the culture.

LASSA Makes a Statement Condemning Indect Transit Advertisement in Lagos

LASAA shared similar sentiments to APCON, they also released a statement which was signed by the agency’s MD/CEO, Mobolaji Sanusi. He stated that the agency is working on identifying the status of the truck. Sanusi explained that they want to make it clear that without equivocation that, no outdoor mobile advert truck within their jurisdiction is licensed to display such crass immorality of the calibre displayed by the truck.

He explained that the full weight of the law will be exerted on the agency and brand responsible for the ad. Sanusi also stated that henceforth, they will scrutinize activities of mobile trucks to forestall a recurrence of such an avoidable obscenity.

OAAN Makes a Statement Condemning Indect Transit Advertisement in Lagos

OAAN also released a statement which was signed by its President, Emmanuel Ajufo. They stated that they don’t “subscribe to the show of shame on the streets of Lagos by ladies dressed in nudity”. The statement also stated that the association is responsible and that their members are disciplined and would not be involved in an unprofessional campaign such as seen in the viral video.


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