APCON Backs Audience Data Research for Nigeria’s Outdoor Advertising Industry


The Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria (APCON) recently announced that it is backing the ongoing efforts for audience data research for Nigeria’s outdoor advertising Industry. APCON stated that they are supporting the efforts by outdoor advertising practitioners towards initiating a data-based audience measurement research for out-of-the home advertising practice in Nigeria.

APCON Backs Audience Data Research for Nigeria’s Outdoor Advertising Industry

About the Audience Data Research

The aim of this research is to provide some authentic record of audience measurement on outdoor advertising media. The information that can be derived from the research has eluded practitioners in the industry for years. This research is the brainchild of some private outdoor advertising companies in conjunction with OAAN. According to companies behind the research, the research will provide data measurement for the benefit of advertisers not only in Nigeria but also across West African sub-region.

APCON Backs Audience Data Research for Nigeria’s Outdoor Advertising Industry

APCON has stated that it is in support of the research, they stated that the Council was favourably disposed to every initiative which aims at advancing the course of growth of the industry and ultimately place outdoor advertising practice in Nigeria in the proper light. Asides throwing their weight behind the research, APCON plans to lend its support to the research effort. They plan to help in any way they can as far as it is professionally conducted and it is authentic.

APCON’s input to the research comes in the form of ensuring that the research is professionally conducted. They want the process leading to this research to be professional, unencumbered and objective.

APCON Speaks on the Research

Head of Registrations and Carrier Matters at the council, Eugene Onuora represented APCON at the launch of the research. He stated that he thinks the initiative is a welcome development. This is because the business of advertising and marketing communications generally is rooted strongly in data and the source of most of that data is well-conducted research.

He talked about how OOH has been contending with other media of advertising, particularly, radio and television. Onuora mentioned how in recent time social media has been taking a considerable portion of marketing and communication budget from outdoor. He stated that the reason for this is that some of these other media, particularly social media, lends itself more to measurements far better than outdoor advertising.

Onuora then stated that purpose of what OAAN is doing is to be able to put some data on the table so that those who take decisions about where media advertising budget is directed would be better informed about the deliverable that is available through outdoor advertising.


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