Amplify Digital Agency Partners Foreign Firm to Launch Amplify Digital and Design Academy


Amplify Digital Agency, a digital and creative marketing agency in West Africa recently partnered with a foreign firm to launch a digital academy. The agency partnered with the Digital Marketing Institute of Ireland to launch a digital academy called Amplify Digital and Design Academy (ADDA). The academy was created to be a one-stop centre for digital and design training, recruitment and consultancy.

Amplify Digital Agency Partners Foreign Firm to Launch Amplify Digital and Design Academy

About the Amplify Digital and Design Academy

It was established to equip people with the appropriate digital marketing and design skills. These skills will enable its students to thrive in their careers and compete in the global marketplace. The Amplify Digital and Design Academy will offer digital marketing and design training for several groups of people. These people will include such as traditional marketing professionals, business owners, digital entrepreneurs, and digital marketing professionals. It will also open its classroom to brands and businesses in all industries.

The Amplify Digital and Design Academy has various training available already. Some of these training includes the Certified Digital Marketing Professional course (CDMP), Search Engine Marketing Masterclass, Digital Strategy Masterclass, Social Media Masterclass and corporate training based on the needs of marketing and communications team within organisations.

More about ADDA

The academy will be starting training on October 26th 2019 to officially launch its operations. The training is the Certified Digital Marketing Professional course. This training is held in conjunction with the Digital Marketing Institute, Ireland and will run for 6 weeks. After the training, the students will be eligible to take an assessment. After passing the assesement they can get a professional certification that is globally recognised as the gold standard in digital certifications.

Asides training the academy also offers consultancy services. The services are created for marketing teams to help increase efficiency and drive successful outcomes. ADDA will analyze existing capabilities, discovers hidden challenges, create tailor-made solutions based on insight and research to help position marketing and communications team for growth.

Amplify Speaks on ADDA

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Amplify Digital, Alexander Edem spoke about the academy.  He stated that they established the academy because of the huge digital skills gap in Nigeria and around the world. According to him, it will help to fill that gap and equip professionals with the right skills and certifications to succeed in the digital marketing industry.

He also talked about how searching for the right talent for a specific digital marketing role can be time-consuming and challenging.  He stated that with their vast experience and expertise, they can help recruit the best digital talents and professionals that will fit the marketing roles in their organisation.


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