Amazon Creates a 19th-Century Travelling Carnival to Promote Its Film, The Aeronauts


Amazon Prime Video recently created a 19th-century travelling carnival to promote its new film the Aeronauts.  Lately, Amazon has been turning to experiential marketing to promote its original series. For its new show Modern Love, it launched a pop-up museum in New York. Its show Good Omens also got an experiential event, they launched an apocalypse-themed event at SXSW. For its new film the Aeronauts, the streaming services are also doing another experiential event.

Amazon Creates a 19th-Century Travelling Carnival to Promote Its Film, The Aeronauts

They have created a 19th-century carnival called The Aeronauts’ Incredible Journey to promote the show. The carnival comes complete with hot air balloon rides to go with the shows major premise.

About the Aeronauts

The Aeronauts is a semi-biographical drama about the ballooning journey of real weather scientist James Glaisher (Eddie Redmayne) and fictional pilot Amelia Wren (Felicity Jones). Amazon Prime Video will release the film in theatres Dec. 6 and on the streaming platform Dec. 20.

About the Experiential Event

The Aeronauts’ Incredible Journey is a cross-country fan experience set in 1862. It will be travelling to six cities and it is anchored by a real hot air balloon dubbed The Mammoth. The Mammoth is a replica of the aircraft depicted in the film that takes guests on their own (not so high) flying journey. Guests can expect to enjoy activities and attractions like hypnosis shows, a caricature artist, plus exhibits featuring costumes and props from the film. There will be period performers such as stilt walkers and jugglers, plus a fortune teller, a phonograph DJ booth and a stereoscopic photo op where guests can pose in front of a green screen as if they’re in a hot air balloon.

Amazon’s experience opened in Los Angeles and has travelled to San Francisco on Tuesday. The travelling carnival is free with RSVP and will move on to Phoenix (Nov. 30), Atlanta (Dec. 10), Orlando (Dec. 13), Austin (Dec. 17), then back to L.A. (Dec. 20-22), this time at The Grove (and without balloon rides). To create the experience, the streaming service partnered with creative agency

Amazon Speaks on the Experiential Event

Jennifer Verdick, head of partnerships and events for Amazon Prime Video spoke about the experience. She talked about how the streaming service is obsessed with customer experience, and it is no different when it comes to their original films. According to her, they are targeting all movie lovers and reaching the widest possible audience. She talked about how immersive activations like The Aeronauts’ Incredible Journey allow them to build excitement at both the local and national level, but more importantly, to create an authentic emotional connection.”


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