Amazon Celebrates Giving Tuesday with Help from Alexa and Robert Downey Jr


Amazon is helping promote Giving Tuesday this year. They are offering customers the chance to use their voice to donate a toy to a child in need this holiday season. They are doing this via Alexa, Toys for Tots, , Robert Downey Jr and Craig Robinson.  To demonstrate the donating process Amazon released an ad starring Robert Downey Jr and his Dolittle counterparts.

Amazon Celebrates Giving Tuesday with Help from Alexa and Robert Downey Jr

About the Ad 

In the ad, we see the stars of the Universal Pictures film Dolittle demonstrating how to donate to Giving Tuesday through Alexa. Downey Jr appears with the animated creatures from the film. He comes into a kitchen where a polar bear, gorilla, goose and squirrel are making holiday cookies. He thinks there’s an easier way to get into the holiday spirit, so he asks Alexa to donate to Toys for Tots as he argues with a squirrel.

How to Donate to Giving Tuesday with Alexa

To donate, customers can simply say, “Alexa, donate to Toys for Tots,” and Alexa will present a reasonably priced item appropriate for kids across a broad range of ages from the Toys for Tots Charity List. After the customer confirms their order, Amazon ships it directly to Toys for Tots. Customers donating with Alexa will receive a special thank you message from Downey Jr’s Dolittle costar Robinson after their donation is confirmed.

Customers will be able to donate throughout the holiday season until 31 December, and Amazon will match donations toy for toy. Besides the Alexa donations, customers can donate by making charity lists and direct donations through Amazon Smile.

Amazon and Toys for Tots  Speaks on the Campaign

Chuck Moore, vice-president of Alexa spoke about the campaign. He talked about how last year, thousands of children receive a toy thanks to the generosity of their customers.  Moore explained that with Alexa, customers can donate to a child in need in less than 60 seconds. They don’t have to stop what they are doing to shop or donate, leaving more time for family and friends during the busy holiday season.

Pete Osman, president and chief executive of the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation spoke about the campaign. He talked about how the organization is delighted to once again join with Amazon to create an easy way for people to give back and send holiday cheer to children in difficult circumstances. Osman explained how the donations send a message of support to these families. He stated that the organization is extremely grateful to Amazon for leveraging the Alexa technology to make it easier for anyone to contribute to their cause and make an impact in children’s lives this holiday season.

Source: The Drum


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